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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by he_kod, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. he_kod

    he_kod Well-Known Member

    I only tried no more than 5 sc2 custom games

    but i found some really interesting features in a map called "battle craft"(a simplified castle fight type of game)

    1. when you type certain words such as "die", "gg", "fail" etc, you can actually heard the voice of "die", "gg" or "fail".

    2. your stats is recorded. by typing -stats in game, you can see games played, games won etc stats of every player in the game. (and the rating system seems can be implemented very soon)

    is there any other INTERESTING features you found in sc2 custom maps?
  2. SirDumpling

    SirDumpling Well-Known Member

    DEBATES! Has tracked point scoring, a very easy concept, and makes full use of the power of the sc2 engine (not really). But really, debates is cool.
  3. DoomSlayers

    DoomSlayers Well-Known Member

    It's nothing too special but... in that same map (Battle-craft), the voting system allows you to change your selection until time's up.
  4. ChildLikEmperor

    ChildLikEmperor Administrator

    I actually havent found anything good in custom maps yet. Its just too early
  5. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    try fastest possible 5 man vs 3's INSANE!!!
  6. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member


    This developer made an WoW emulation in Starcraft II Galaxy Editor. So yeah, in next year or so, we`ll see some pretty awesome maps I`m sure!
  7. Wurmple

    Wurmple Well-Known Member

    I like Husky :wub:.

  8. K a z e

    K a z e Well-Known Member

    Infested Arena is cool.
  9. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    oh btw idk if the unit tester map is out yet, but anyway you can dl the old version meant for beta and publish it for your private use

    it can create some interesting tests, like showing you that iirc 9 a-moving stalkers vs 9 marauders w/ stim = 6 surviving marauders with gosu micro, or that a fully upgraded immortal kicks ultralisk ass. 1 bc > 3 corrupters if bc fires yamato before engaging. etc.
  10. monte-kristo

    monte-kristo Member

    Re: DotA in Starcraft 2 engine

    Hi all. Want to share new warcaft 3 armor system, that i will implement in future version of my map. You can get additional information and download map here. It’s in development currently. But you can see first result on video.
    You can download latest version of my map here.
  11. Darentei

    Darentei Well-Known Member

    I still don't expect a whole lot from SC2's custom maps.
    Aside from the fact that everyone is still busy playing the actual game, there's also a bunch of issues.
    Some are less important than others; the editor itself has a messy layout, but it can do a whole lot of stuff. Although I don't see why it has to be limited to so few cliff levels and small map bounds (less than & same as WC3 respectively).

    But the real problem lies in Bnet2. You might have heard about how it refuses to upload maps with certain words, and not just offensive ones either. And it doesn't matter where in the map they are, if it finds one "blow" in your script, you won't be allowed to upload it.
    And since you have to upload it to play it, you already have a problem. Not to mention that you can only upload FIVE maps at the time, all of which can take up a maximum of 10mb - barely more than WC3 maps. No custom models or sounds for you. And the total mapsize of those five? 20mb.

    Then there's the issue with not being able to make custom game names, so no -ap for DotA games for instance. And the way you browse maps is flawed, too. The list goes on.

    It's mostly Bnet2's fault. Wonder if we'll see any improvement in the expansions.
  12. sniperattack

    sniperattack Well-Known Member

    Colonial Line Wars is really good, I recommend you guys try it. I don't agree about bnet2 being bad for custom games. It is really easy to play a friend for example, unlike bnet1