Samsung Galaxy S III

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech' started by hell911, May 4, 2012.

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    Looks way more generic than s2, don't like the design. Hardware looks good though, better resolution than iPhone 4S, big step up no doubt. And android support is the biggest bonus on it.
  3. I heard that most negative reviews are due to its horrendous design, which I strongly agree.

    God kill that designer.
  4. Valorian

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    LOL S3, all that hype for this???

    honestly, the only thing i really like is the eye-tracking feature, just like the ones on their display panels

    the generic design doesn't bother me, i like simplistic and clean lines.
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    So if S3 have Pen-Tile Display we can use the pen included in galaxy nexus too for S3? :D
  6. Xeqn

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    maybe you should go wikipedia what pentile is before saying anything
    and its the galaxy note not the nexus which has the pen
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    Design is kinda meh compared to S1 & S2 which were eye-catching. It would have worked if it was released 12 months back when there was significantly less competition besides the iPhone but now it looks pretty mediocre.

    Also more colors pl0X[Black, Deep Blue, Red(For lulz)].

    Features are pretty awesome & futuristic but they alone won't attract most of buyers as almost all upcoming smartphones will have them within few months.

    Currently 8/10 from my side
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    ^Oh great. Now we will have to wait for circular/Triangular/Hexagonal smart phones.

    The policy to trademark the way a product looks sounds good only on paper while it actually makes no sense IRL. It doesn't leave any room for competition/Creativity with existing/similar designs which pushes companies towards innovations.