Russia bombing ISIS in Syria

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    By the way, today thousands of Russians went out in the streets in commemoration of Boris Nemtsov's assassination. Sorry, but there a lot of people who condemn the Russian government and its actions (including Syria). All these people demand free Russia.

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    25000/146000000=0.017% of the population. Don't really care
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    As a conclusion of this thread, I made a simple gif showing how has the situation changed from 30/09/2015 to 14/03/2016 during the Great Shia Offensive, backed by russkies. Try to spot a difference on a loyalist side with a naked eye!

    Anyway, it is obvious to any perceptive observer that russkies played mostly a symbolical role in this offensive. They were a center-piece of diplomacy, providing a legitimacy for Assad regime, the basis for talks, and also an umbrella against direct involvement of other players. Their bombings though, how unaccurate they were, put a strain on North Aleppo, but even more than that, they were one of a primary reason behind tripling of the number of refugees from sunni territories in northern Syria (both in Latakiya and Idlib, as well as on Aleppo front). Their artillery was somewhat more successful overall, although almost none of strategic tasks were completed.

    As I said, russkies were a symbol. Who fights in Syria then? SAA is pretty much a non-factor atm, the whole weight lies on iraqi shia militias (hordes of them) under the command of Sepah officers. They've received the best possible equipment both Iran and Russia could provide them with (although they took care in leaving american arms on Iraqi side so as to not look too stupid) and still, with heavy losses, they could only steamroll on a weakened North Aleppo front. By the way, during the last few weeks the participation of russian ground troops has increased dramatically - around 2-3 battallion sized groups operating on different fronts - both tank and infantry units, not counting specnaz.

    So what this "withdrawal" truly means? It is hard to say, we can't say how truthful will russkies be in their actions. They have withdrawn most of their air forces already, but does it mean they will withdraw artillery and infantry units (fighting this very moment in Palmyra for instance) this quickly? We can only answer this definitely in a month or so.

    Why have russkies withdrawn? Considering the reaction of alawi and shia twitters as well as semi-official reports from third-party sources - this has not been really coordinated with both Assad and Nasralla. I will try to be brief here as I don't know for sure myself why this has happened so rapidly (even more rapidly than when it's begun).

    I consider the following possible reasons:
    - negative outcomes in oil-price cartel talks with both Iran and SA (both happened during the last week);

    - rebels have been very recently supplied with around 40-50 HT-16PGJ MANPADS (and they have used it at least once to bring down an unidentified jet of unknown origin);

    - recent talks with US, that might have put things in not best order for Russia, or some kind of influence area demarkation agreement has been made;

    - recent terrorist acts in Turkey might have prompted more active threat from Erdogan on a preparation for the possible intervention in Afrin area and around that;

    How will it turn out to be now? In a month? In a year? We do not know. And if someone says for sure he does, you spot a liar. Get some more pop-corn, you'll need it!
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    All I see there is question "who bombed ?", No where does it say Russia.
    Also, FB. Epic source.

    We all know who bombs and kills innocents and their own people. Both intentionally and "by mistake".

    Your point ?
    This is supposed to be a dramatic, emotional moment after freeing the ancient town of Palmyra from the hands of ISIS, not to celebrate death of refugees.

    And what history that might be ?

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    Really, in what sick World can you perceive this as a negative ? How dumb and hate indoctrinated fool you have to be to consider this as something bad ?

    Freeing an Ancient town from ISIS is one thing, but the whole place was left with mines and rigged bombs all over the place. Russian military engineers spent 3 weeks clearing 240 acres from mines and explosive charges, many of them custom crafted by ISIS and never before seen, so it was extra difficult and more dangerous than de-mining standard military mines and explosives...
    And now, after many months people of Syria can finally walk into Palmyra and attend an orchestra playing concert in honor of all that were brutally slaughtered by ISIS, in that very same place.

    Who in their right mind, can find something wrong in that ? Seriously, this section is sinking deeper every day...

    For open-minded - Entire concert Musica maestro!
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    It was Russia:

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    For those less informed, you can easily see that it's Su-34. Meanwhile the UN will cover their eyes and go on with bashing Israel, US and whoever is the target for leftist agenda that UN represents.
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    As I was saying...
    An aircraft filmed flying in the sky... Over a war area... Doing nothing...
    Imagine that...
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    I can imagine that a frontline bomber with a flighttime of less than half an hour with a full armanent (and you can see there are no drop tanks attached) is "performing a recon mission" over S-Aleppo. :cat: :cat: :cat:
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    And, ofc, it took only a few hours for the jackals to gather, putting a spin on what is nothing but a very positive event and spreading their hateful propaganda.

    Fortunately, reading the comments is really a breath of fresh air and seeing that almost no one is believing or listens to their bull shitting, anymore. Quite refreshing.
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    If only he was the only one...
    Just look up. Link to a video called "Russia bombed", but when you go to video and it says "Who bombed ?". And then someone posts a video of an aircraft flying in the sky, filmed God knows when and where, and thinks he proved it.

    I mean, this is a video game forum, so you can't expect something serious in WN&D section but this is getting ridiculous.

    I was actually getting ready to leave this place and save my nerves, but then, in the last efforts of browsing through this sections I stumbled upon this
    It gave me hope and I decided to stay a little longer and change my approach.
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