Russia bombing ISIS in Syria

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    So what do you think? Is it good or bad from your point of view? What do you think about goatshit laughable accusations of civilian casualties? And overall what will happen next?
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    What a nice and absolutely not heavy-handed way to start civil discussion.
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  4. TheImperial

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    Because I can't call anything else blunt lies with photos that were taken several days before bombing.

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    Yes, US is very upset about someone's breaking their expensive toys. I also like how west medial often calls "rebels" straightforward terrorists so I see no problem bombing these US-sponsored "rebels". Many of them will most likely join isis or sell them weapons obtained from US.
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    oh this is getting interesting *grabs popcorn*
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    Inb4 people blindly praising politicians thinking that they perfectly understand their plans.
  7. Khassar

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    They're praised now. Fast forward a couple of years and Russia is blamed for escalating the crisis and taking advantage of the native populace.
  8. Eli_Green

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    aka what the west has been doing for years.

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    Assad and ISIS are enemies.
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    Not my point, but there are many parallels to draw. USA invades Iraq to overthrow Husein, USA gets praised, Iraq continues to detoriate, USA gets blamed. If the Russia continues to attack ISIS, the praise will continue, then things will eventually get worse, and Russia will get blamed for 'causing' the trouble in Syria.
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    Finally someone is doing something useful. Props to Putin for having some balls.
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    US invaded Iraq, Russia is conducting military operation on foreign soil by the request of a legitimate government. US wanted to overthrow current government, Russia wants to protect current regime from terrorist organization. These are the differences.
  12. Khassar

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    And in a few years Russia will be vilified for helping a brutal dictator, just like it would be vilified for overthrowing a legitimate government if it was anti-Assad. I'm not arguing about right and wrong, I'm just saying that interventions of any kind, scale, intent or effect in Middle East never helped in the good run, no matter who intervened.
  13. Eli_Green

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    in a few years?

    where do you live m8, Russia has been vilified since the end of world war 2.
  14. Khassar

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    That has nothing to do with my post.
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    He means that Russia doesn't really care as it's permanently being made the villain since many years ago. So why should they care? Might as well enjoy the short time of praise rather than do nothing and still be blamed.
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    That makes sense. Still, I was speaking in general that intervention has negative consequences to the country's PR, and doesn't really solve anything in the long run.
  17. 2ez4dondi

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    Who knows, we don't really have 100 examples of it, we only got the example with the US. For all we know this could speed up ending the war and finally bring peace and prosperity to Syria, as far fetched as it may sound.
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    Took them long enough. The other side had massive foreign support for years.
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    Since the end of WW2? Do "gendarme of Europe" or "Njet, Molotoff" (correction: should've mentioned origins of the name "molotov cocktail" instead) ring any bells? And that is just XX century. Foreign affairs were always dirty business and there are always more than one agenda pretty much by definition of foreign affair, so of course there will always be what you can call "vilification" of pretty much whoever is involved.

    I also didn't see any "praising" past interventions, nor do I see it now. There are always people who can get along with narrative, there are those concerned about costs, and then there are those on the business end, directly or indirectly.

    On the matter of civilian casualties: show me such operations, especially long term, that didn't involve such. They may be "goatshit" now, but I don't even know it's possible to keep it this way for long, especially when lines between militants, "just kinda supporters" and the rest are so thin.
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    CIA and MOSSAD getting B T F O

    God bless Russia.