Rupture's interaction with movement skills

Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by Drasinorak, May 3, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I know, I've posted this under "Fact of the Day" but I believe this will make quite an interesting topic on its own.

    An Anti-Mage who blinks under the effect of rupture will receive the damage from the distance he blinked (as if he really ran that whole distance); I have seen many AMs who blink under rupture and just drop dead after reappearing. xD

    Im not sure how this really works but I believe this is due to AM's blink casting animation being very long and rupture will only not deal damage if the hero travels a long enough distance within a short enough amount of time (so here while the distance traveled is very long, so is the time taken, hence, AM still take damage from rupture)

    On a side note, does anyone know of any other abilities which allow a hero to travel a long distance but will still cause them to take damage from rupture? (I know force-staff is another unique example) What about haste? (P.S. if Windrunner only has a phrase boots to increase her MS and she windruns, she will still take dmg from rupture)

    Also, if my above explanation is correct, then if a QoP, for example, does not blink the full distance than she will still take dmg from her blink when she lands?
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    The distance cap on Rupture is very high (around 1300). The casting animation on blink has nothing to do with it triggering Rupture's damage.

    Any ability that don't make the unit invulnerable and don't move them more than 1300(?) distance in under 0.2(?) seconds will cause the unit to take damage.

    Stuff like Waveform, Ball Lightning, and Time Walk will not cause the user to take damage from Rupture (except for some damage at the very end).

    I don't recall the exact numbers, but they're around that.

    QoP will take damage if she blinks while Ruptured.
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    Your theory-crafting is wrong, it's nothing to do with the casting animation. You will not take damage from Rupture if you move further than 1300 range within 0.25 second and that's how it works.
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    Thanks for the information :D