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  1. davidsalter

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    that's OP.
    a scepter allows him to upgrade any ulti's he steals that can use it.
  2. Arko777

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    I would like to borrow allies skills but imagine Warlock and Rubick Agha + Refresher = 8 damn infernal golems + rest of team :D.
  3. majenta

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    i think agha effect would be nice if he will be able to steal no skills from the enemy. lets say he steal the block hole + the cm ulti = gg
  4. Anukali-kun

    Anukali-kun Well-Known Member

    I put this hero as my favourite :3
  5. Mastee157

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    IMO it's very strong. I took down an entire team only with alchemist ulti, by myself. This is my favourite hero, and i love playing with him. No nerfs or buffs are needed, and i love the agh ulti now.
  6. rHic25

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    i have some questions... i dunno if this is asked before. Say Rubick has agha,when he steals Global Silence, will there still be a curse of the silent buff when he cast it? same goes to black hole, will there be a midnight pulse? just asking :D
  7. e27

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    Yes, if you OR the enemy has agha's, actually
  8. 333siddhartha

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    1. Movement Speed must be increased to 300.
    2. Aghanim's Scepter Spell Steal duration must only end when Rubick dies (Aghanim's Scepter Spell Steal duration must be removed).
    3. If the target enemy Hero has Aghanim's Scepter but Rubick does not, then he must steal the upgraded version of the spell.
  9. hitsuji

    hitsuji Well-Known Member

    ms to 300
    starting int +4