Rubick, The Grand Magus

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    Rubick, the Grand Magus


    Strength: 19 + 1.5
    Intelligence: 27 + 2.4
    Agility: 14 + 1.6

    Movement Speed: 300
    Attack Range: 600
    Rubick, the son of Aghanim, is a force to be reckoned with. Crowds marvel in wonder at his effortless ability to hurl objects through the air, using nothing but his mind. Many wizards have challenged him yet none have surpassed his powerful and debilitating magics. The Grand Magus, with his endless talent, will stop at nothing to bewilder and outsmart his enemies, even if it means turning their own magic against them. Renowned for his unique ability to steal magics with a mere thought, he is undeniably a favorable asset to the Sentinel in their fight against the Scourge.

    Rubick: At A Glance

    Starting Items:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] OR [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]X2[​IMG][​IMG]

    Items to work on:

    Optional Additions:
    [​IMG] or [​IMG] or [​IMG]
    depending on enemy heroes

    Luxury/Late Game:

    Rubick uses his telekinetic powers to lift the enemy into the air briefly and then hurls them back at the ground. The unit lands on the ground with such force that it stuns nearby enemies.

    Lift Duration: 1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds
    Stun duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 (in the area it lands in, all enemy units except the initial target)
    Land stun AoE: 325

    Cast Range: 550/575/600/625
    Cooldown: 18
    Manacost: 160

    While the target is in the air, Rubick may use a secondary ability to control the throw the enemy in a targeted direction. Maximum of 375 units away.

    Note: The directional landing happens when the lift duration is over, but you can issue the direction order anytime.

    Fade Bolt:
    Rubick creates a powerful stream of arcane energy that travels between enemy units, dealing damage and reducing their attack damage for 10 seconds. Each bounce reduces the damage dealt by 4%.

    Damage: 75/150/225/300
    Attack Reduction: -14/20/26/32 Damage [-7/10/13/16 on creeps]
    Duration: 10 seconds

    Cast Range: 800
    Cooldown: 10
    Manacost: 90/95/100/105

    Null Field:
    Rubick's mastery of the arcane protects his allies against weaker magics, granting them magic resistance.

    Magic Damage Reduction: 5/10/15/20%
    AoE: 900

    Spell Steal:
    Rubick studies the trace magical essence of one enemy hero, learning the secrets of the last spell the hero cast. Rubick can use this spell as his own for several minutes or until he dies.

    Spell is stolen for: 3/4/5 minutes

    Cast Range: 1000
    Manacost: 25
    Cooldown: 20/18/16

    Note: If you steal another spell, the old one is lost. Both teams see what spell was stolen. Items cannot be stolen, only abilities. You will get a warning message when the spell steal duration is close to expiring.
    Note 2: There are a small set of spell exceptions (for technical reasons) that cannot be copied.
    Skill Build
    Fade Bolt
    Fade Bolt
    Spell Steal
    Fade Bolt
    Fade Bolt

    Null Field
    Spell Steal
    Null Field
    Null Field
    Null Field

    Spell Steal
    Stats ++

    Rubick is a fragile but very adept hero. All of his spells are on a fairly low cooldown but with quite a manacost. However, he makes up for this with long-range spells and his deadly ultimate which can easily turn the tide of battle.

    Tips and Tricks:
    Stealing an aoe spell works very well in addition to his chain lightning-style nuke, fade bolt. It can be very, very effective for turtling as Fade Bolt causes enemies and creeps to lose static damage while it does not have a bounce limit, which severely hurts their pushing power. Not only this, but it is only on a 10 second cooldown with an 800 cast range, allowing you to easily and safely cast this from afar. Try to pair it with some goodies like Acid Spray or Ignite and watch the waves die every 10 seconds!

    Although Telekenesis' landing stun is important, its initial duration where it rises the enemy into the air for a period of time can also be very, very useful as an instant-cast stun. Try using it to set up ganks early in the game by throwing them backwards to your teammate!

    Although everyone would like to keep amazing ultimates like Serpent Ward or Ravage; it may not be completely beneficial to save them after you use them. Remember, your ultimate can be cast at any time, even when these skills are on cooldown! Try casting ravage and then immediately stealing another spell to combo with. Perhaps even break out 2 ultimates per battle using this strategy. This also applies to regular ganking; it is important to realize that you can potentially have 5+ seconds of stun with hefty nukes on your hero if you properly switch out your skills instead of holding onto them while they are on cooldown. Example: Cast telekenesis, cast magic missile, use your ultimate to steal Paralysing Cask (or whatever stun/slow/nuke is close to you) and go to town! It has a huge range so that shouldn't be a factor.

    Be sure to remember how fragile your hero is. You should play him similar to Zeus; trying to stay at the edge of battle and using your rediculous range to full effect. Despite Rubick's potential power, he requires a lot of mana to turn to full effect. Be sure to try to balance this out with your survivability; often the best defense is a good offense, but don't leave yourself with only 700 hp!

    Spell Steal Mechanics
    Credits: Slam
    Spells not allowed to be stolen:
    All passives
    Overcharge (Io)
    Spirits (Io)
    X Marks the spot (Admiral)
    Devour (Doombringer)
    Borrowed Time (Lord of Avernus)
    Summon Bear (Syllabear)
    Refraction (Templar Assassin)
    Insatiable Hunger (Broodmother)
    Z and X razes of Shadow Fiend - You will always get the C raze
    Excorcism (Death Prophet)
    Soul Assumption (Visage)
    Alacrity & Tornado (Invoker)

    Arrow Effects:
    Burning Spears (Huskar)
    Frost Arrows (Drow Ranger)
    Fire Arrows (Clinkz)
    Poison Attack (Viper)
    Impetus (Enchantress)
    Glaives of Wisdom (Silencer)

    Morphing Spells:
    Chemical Rage (Alchemist)
    Dragon Form (Dragon Knight)
    Wolf Form (Lycanthrope)
    Flesh Golem (Undying)
    Bear Form (Syllabear)
    Berserker Rage (Troll Warlord)
    Flak Cannon (Gyrocopter)
    Metamorphasis (Terrorblade)
    Split Shot (Medusa)
    Spirit Form (Keeper of the Light)
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    Null field is OP.
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    I think you missed the new hero that was released, brah
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    tell me how you did this so I can do something like this next version huh?
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    Haha, I did not know. Now I feel a little bit shy :mellow:
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    Wow, great guide. I'm definitely gonna follow your advice!
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    You're just jelly that I play him and pheonix all day
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    Buy dagon, have 3 nukes by level 8. Fuck yeah.
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    Lets talk about the phoenix part again :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja:

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    If I steal the "same" skill again, will the cd be reseted?

    Let's say I have a stolen skill_X from last fight. I cast it and then steal it "again". What happens to the cd?
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    AFAIK it gets reset.
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    If you steal the same skill the cd will not be reset. It will still remain on cd even if you come back to a later time; the cooldown operates indepedenant of you. So if it's a 180 cd blackhole and you steal it 2 minutes later, you will still have 60 seconds on it (much like how invoker spells work).
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    what i meant was the time that you keep the spell gets reset >.>
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    Wow- glad to hear IF took care of that
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    Actually I'm wrong, my mistake

    If you steal the spell in the 15 seconds after losing it the cd isn't reset
    but after that it is
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    since he has a magic resist skill i`m thinking of more armor on him - like getting mek/vanguard + shivas and for late disassemble AB into bloodstone.

    his magic resist skill buffs allies too so it makes sense getting decent farm and tank items. also his low cd ult seems also like a tanking skill - the more you stay alive in battles the more skills you can use - like a very low cd additional skill that can also be ultimate!!!