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  1. R.B.Economy

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    Rizzrak seems to be a support that's played like other STR-casters/gankers. With 3 low cd, low cost nukes, his peak lies in early-mid game (level 7-16) and then the nukes lose effectiveness later on, with only Chakram having a decent late-game compared to all his skills. Definitely doesn't look like a tank to me with 0 base armor, low AGI and average STR.

    Reactive Armor looks like a filler skill to me, but otherwise a handy passive in nullifying the aggro he gets due to his gank-heavy gameplay, but doesn't really make him a tank in a way Axe does. 1 level early should be enough. Whirling Death's attribute-effect comes with 1 level, while Timber Chain's long range, low cd, looks like a must to max early. Ulti, like most others, good enough to not be skipped.

    Ganker Skillbuild:
    Reactive Armor
    Whirling Death
    Timber Chain
    Timber Chain
    Timber Chain
    Timber Chain
    Whirling Death
    Whirling Death
    Whirling Death
    Max Reactive Armor
    Chakram & Stats

    Core Items
    Ring of Basillus
    Looks like a must if nobody else gets it, since it gives 3 armor to his 0 base armor, as well as mana regen for his spells.

    Comes to mind, gank-wise. Timber Chain somehow allows him to compete for it by 'blinking' him to the nearest tree of rune spots. Quick regen complements with his quick cd spells for rinse and repeat ganking.

    Arcane Boots for me. Tranquil seems like a good choice with the armor, but RoB is good enough with support from Reactive Armor. With 500-ish mana, he can perma-gank.

    Urn of Shadows
    It's what allows him to perma-gank, coupled with Arcane, Bottle and Reactive Armor. Being STR also allows him to benefit from the damage bonus, although not really a big deal. Also works as extra dps.

    Luxury Items
    Rod of Atos
    Seems really good for him with both mana and HP boosts. The slow works exceptionally well with Chakram. One of the cheapest luxuries around.

    Shiva's Guard
    More armor, more mana, and an extra slow + nuke.

    A luxury for every caster hero I suppose. Hex + Chakram is a good combo too.

    Upgrade from Arcane once you have enough mana to go around. Invaluable for instant participation in battles/ganks.

    Easy build-up, great as extra luxury since Rizzrak can't attack when using Chakram and the minions can pound on the slowed enemy.

    Doubtful Items
    Works great with Rizzrak's chasing and anti-juking ability right? If you can farm it by 15 minutes with Rizzrak, by all means do so. Ha!

    Damage Items
    No-no. Rizzrak doesn't deal damage by attacking, don't waste it. He will use his ulti a lot, that means he cannot attack that often.

    Pure Defensive Items
    A 4 second cd pseudo-blink is an imba escape skill if you ask me. And Rizzrak needs more useful active items than defensive ones, mainly due to his inability to attack during Chakram. He's better played by providing as much support while alive than staying alive for as long as possible. Hex, Shiva, Atos, all provide great active spells to support his team.

    When to play Rizzrak:
    Ganking strat.

    When not to play Rizzrak:
    Enemies have a lot of high HP heroes. (High armor/magic resistance has no effect on Rizzrak since he deals Pure damage, but high HP does)
  2. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    RoB --> AB --> VG --> BS --> Shiva
  3. fgiveme

    fgiveme Well-Known Member

    When not to play Rizzrak:
    When your team have no stun to keep the enemies in place.
  4. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    RoB AB VG

    I like Blademail/Shivas as later option. Necrobook looks decent. I have tried Rod as replacement for Vanguard. I disliked how I do not have HP regen though.

    Skill wise, I want Timber at level 1 for escaping. I don't really like the passive. I just skill it at 10 12 13 14.

    I have not yet successfully solo mid with him though. He gets outlaned so easily, and it's hard to be offensive without any trees to hook to at mid. I find Bottle useless.
  5. SirIsaacNewton

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    He consumes a lot of mana and does not have the best int gain so maybe the new buff bloodstone might be decent.

    From the looks of it, he doesn't seem to be a dps hero as his ult disables his attack so dps items are not recommended.

    Arcane, blood stone, armor items like blademail, AC, shivas. He might be a good radiance carry since it has good synergy with his passive.
    arcane, rob, vang, radi, shivas build might work, haven't tried it. He has a bit of mana issues even with arcane, so i perfer a fast bloodstone.

    Of all the new heroes, he is probably the only balance one.
  6. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    I had a good laugh.
  7. CynthiaCrescent

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    Why Bloodstone?
    Currently I'm in a set mind of "if you don't need the charges, Soul Booster is enough", so any particular reason?
  8. feral_nature

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    core: ab, urn, vanguard
    extension: bs - although you have some mana regen from ab+urn shredder eats tons of mana if you dont want to return to base ever, so bs fits best as an extension to his core imo.
    luxury: radi - just to give reason people to attack you since you`ll be quite fat with your passive and all the health items obtained previously. necro book also would work decently i guess considering the slow of chakram, but i would get it only against invisible heroes instead of radi.
  9. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    I agree with necrobook being useful... Yet there is no way that Rizzak can farm up a radi and still be efective.
    Why you need to force them to attack you?
    With WD lowering their stats and your ulti dealing a ton of dps they will attack you ASAP to stop your ulti.

    The best build for him is:
    Point Booster
    Vitality Booster
    *Disarm Arcane*
    Blademail or Rod of Atos
  10. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Because if you are playing him right you are going to need it sustain yourself in fights and he isn't the kind of hero who rices a lane but instead clears it quickly then goes to support a push.

    Bloodstone is also ridiculously good for any heroes who make decent use of it since the charges and death timer bonus buffs. At purchase it already decreases your respawn time by 24s, see a few kills with it and you're looking at reducing it by a massive amount.

    Also shredder is a hero who goes in a draws a lot of focus while doing a lot of DPS which makes the bloodpact part very useful as well.
  11. .nom

    .nom Well-Known Member

    Pms arcane (bottlecrow/stick) bloodstone/linkens shiva/hex... Overall caster build.
  12. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    @Kris I still haven't read your advice in boots, any comment about Rizzrak mobility?
  13. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    Arcane obviously.

    2009 just posted a video on Shredder. He advises Blink. I haven't really seen the video yet though. Will watch later.
  14. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    You disamble arcane later to make bloodstone, why in the name of chuck norris woul you get Arcane when you already have a bloodstone.. is like really overkill.
  15. PNutz

    PNutz Well-Known Member

    Maybe you need to read before posting crap like this, Rizzrak first item is Arcane Boots. The boots get transformed into bloodstone at a later stage. After which you will likely upgrade to boots to travels...
  16. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    Oh thought you were asking what early Boots. Last time I played, I went for Travels after I got Bloodstone. Naked boots should be fine then, since you have enough Mana to play Spiderman.
  17. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    Does your brain work? I'm serious. Have you ever actually disassembled your Arcane Boots to make Bloodstone in a game? What did you do with your Boots after? You fucking see what the game requires of you. It's not rocket science.
  18. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    I don't have idea why you are so angry but if you look up... there is a post were I suggest either Travels or Phase.
    I just disscusing it with other guy
  19. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    ^selling arcane is not always the way to go, allies might still benefit from it. earlier in the game, arcane is crucial. i really dont see much of a point in getting phase after disassembling, might as well keep AB then..

    i personally usually get stout 3x branch AB wand bloodstone. he gets nuts afterwards. extend with anything you feel appropriate, usually platemail and mb cloak/pipe. blink seems fine too, only done it once so far though.
  20. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    Ay just watched 2009's video. He lost both games (Mainly due to poor play by allies + leavers. He was doing quite well both games). Here are his thoughts.

    He likes to max Whirling first. If solo mid, he prefers 1-2 levels of Passive, before maxing Timber. Reason is that there are no good trees to hook on to at mid, so there isn't a need to get Timber so early. Passive also helps you be sturdier in the lane. I say that makes sense, because Whirling is his only form on lane presence. I probably adopt this skill build if I go solo mid.

    If lanes, I think he skips passive. However, he still maxes Whirling first. I do not really agree with this skill build for sidelanes though. I think Timber should be maxed first.

    Items wise, both games he went AB Bottle Blink. He feels that Blink is necessary for Shredder. He likes to Blink Whirling and Timber out. Then throw Chakram. He ended the first game with only Jango as further extension. For the second game, 2 of his teammates left. He had to carry, so he went for Radiance after AB Bottle Blink. He extended into Heart AC Talisman, before selling Blink for Hex.

    Both games he felt that he had mana issues. AB did not give him enough regen to satisfy him. He was considering getting Force or Eul, but decided against it. He mentioned Necrobook quite a few times, and that he was interested in trying it.

    I personally feel that his understanding on Shredder isn't that good yet. He should start experimenting with Bloodstone, because it solves Shredder's regen issues. His Blink rush is okay, because he relies on it for his ganks mid game. However, he does not use Timber too often. I think he neglects that skill too much.

    My personal item build is: AB Urn Wand Stout TP (Jango) -> Bloodstone -> Shivas. Previous game I played, I did not get Jango. I went for Plainwalker -> Hood -> BS instead because of a fat Tormented Soul. I don't think I'll use Blink, because it does not fit my Shredder playstyle.