Rizzrak skill & item build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ItsMeGaming, May 22, 2012.

  1. ItsMeGaming

    ItsMeGaming Active Member

    i just came back for dota. i just suddenly loved rizzrak at the first sight. how do i build his skills and his items? pls give detailed justifications on your opinions...

    + his do's and don'ts for skilling and iteming also

    thnx :D:
  2. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    I usually go Passive at level 1 for laning purposes.

    Then I go Whirl at level 2, then max Timber first. Ulti at 6, max Whirl next.

    Item wise, I try to get my Arcane ASAP. Usually a stick would be good. If necessary, I get myself an Urn, or RoB. Main item you are looking towards is Bloodstone. Then go for tanking items like Shivas or Heart, or get a Hex/Radiance.
  3. xyLoneZ

    xyLoneZ Well-Known Member

    max timber chain first, followed by whirling death, get reactive armor on lv 2 or 4 if you have problem staying on the line. ulti is taken whenever possible ofc. you core should be arcane boots, magic wand, bloodstone. after that you can pretty much go for tanky items/ms items. i usually get janggo after bloodstone