Rikimaru Items

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by dowtaa, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. dowtaa

    dowtaa Well-Known Member

    Which items should Rikimaru get?
  2. Nonok

    Nonok Well-Known Member

    Vlads, Sange & Yasha, and Bfly would work just fine.
  3. shote123

    shote123 Member

    Diffusal blade. 16 total charges makes him great hero killer/ganker.
  4. Phenomenon

    Phenomenon Member

    I'll go diffusal over SNY.
  5. clickrush

    clickrush Well-Known Member

    1. vlads is a support item. dont get it with riki...
    2. sange and yasha is good on riki but diffusal is better (more dmg and purge)
    3. before you get your orb: 2-3 wraiths and treads
  6. iLamer

    iLamer Well-Known Member

    If im playing Riki i buy Diffusial/pt/wraths. After core butterfly/heart/manta
  7. merrillz

    merrillz Well-Known Member

    Most definitely.
    SnY isn't terrible. But purge is delicious.
    Didn't really add much to this post but go treads/wraiths/diffusal for core =D
  8. EternaL

    EternaL Well-Known Member

    I go usualy 3 wraths, Vlads(if noone is making one ofc) then SnY Luxury -> Butterfly/Manta
  9. zakjan

    zakjan Active Member

    I saw riki with maelstorm :D
  10. wilfordjason

    wilfordjason Well-Known Member

    Rikimaru is the first ever hero i picked in my entire life. He is also the first ever hero I used that I owned so much. For Riki, I get boots/tango/flask, I then upgrade boots to pt, so he attacks so much more faster.^^ After that I stay in the lane and let my teammates gank and push, because riki has the advantage of being permanently invisible( sort of ), the enemy dont bother trying to kill me since they know they cant kill me and is a waste of their time. After I am able to farm, I usually get a butterfly and after that I can take on even the most tough heroes.( blink, smoke, atack 4 times, blink, dedz )^^.

    But for competitive games, Riki should get diffusal blade since its a lot more easier to build up than butterfly, and the purge will help you in ganks. ( blink, purge/smoke, smoke/purge, atack 4 times, blink, ownage) ^+^

    core items for low level games like garena: pt, butterfly

    core items for high level games: pt, diffusal

    please check my dragon, help it grow a lot faster!!!
  11. ZGiSH

    ZGiSH Well-Known Member

    Divine Rapier.

    Nuff' said.

    ( Power Treads, 2 - 3 Wraths, Diffusal // Manta. This is your core

    Power Treads for burst power when you initiate
    2 - 3 Wraths for pure stats
    Diffusal for awesome-purge if they happen to escape
    -> Manta for more burst power when you initiate )
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  12. sNaix_

    sNaix_ Member

    Highly unorthodox, but I usually get MoM with SA and own with it. Treads, 3 Bracers, MoM, and butterfly is all you really need. Seeing as SA is a super imba hero with stupid imba damage, you don't really need alot of fancy items. MoM does what S&Y and Vlads do combined, minus the Maim.
  13. zhuoran09

    zhuoran09 Member

    couple of wraiths, treads, diffusal lvl2, manta bfly/heart
  14. Afterburn

    Afterburn Active Member

    Diffusal > Manta > Butterfly.

    Manta is skippable if going Butterfly straight is possible. For earlygame, go Wraiths and Treads.
  15. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    core item : pt, 2 wraiths, BF and diffusal
    luxury item : HoT, Butter.
    why BF? well, you can farm like crazy to get luxury item with BF and backstab :D
  16. wilfordjason

    wilfordjason Well-Known Member

    But over all most people will have butterfly in the core items for Rikimaru. ^+^
  17. sPaCe

    sPaCe Active Member

    PT Diffu_upgraded Manta Bfly
  18. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    but i never finish my game with holding a butterfly :(, it's way to easy to win a game with lvl 2 diffusal on riki
  19. XaTrIxX

    XaTrIxX Moderator

    I still go 3 or 4 Wraith Bands, Power Treads and Diffu afterwards. Always had good success with it.
  20. simlei

    simlei Well-Known Member

    Mask of madness is damn stupid....
    no agi - no plusdamage
    escapemechanism no need
    dont need burst attackspeed because of no %-chance-abilities.