Rikimaru item build

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by fuctic12, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. fuctic12

    fuctic12 Active Member

    what is the best item build for him?
  2. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    SnY, Vlad, Vanguard, Treads, BFly, Diffusal
  3. poh2ho

    poh2ho Well-Known Member

    Divine Rapier, six of them
  4. Mag.net

    Mag.net Well-Known Member

    hey don't act like retards

    OT GG branch :ninja:
  5. kingtipop

    kingtipop Well-Known Member

    Treads, Vanguard/Hood if needed.
    Diffusal as core dps.
    Levels are also very important, don't worry so much bout items
  6. scrubsie

    scrubsie Well-Known Member

    Radiance for imba invis sparkles. Pair him with DS and it's GG!
  7. Linism

    Linism Well-Known Member

    Diffusal is main damage, Manta and/or Butter as luxury. Manta can let you mind games if you want (your images are invisible as well), Butter = DPS + defense. Get PT and Bracers for HP, or if you really want the HP, get a Vanguard I guess...
  8. PeGBoY

    PeGBoY Banned

    Seriously Vanguard and Vlads? Those are both retarded.

    Treads, Diffusal, Manta, Butterfly. Usually in that order. Your first big item should almost always be diffusal. Get some combo of PMS/Wand/Bottle/Wraith early on depending on the circumstances.

    Don't get Vangaurd or Hood or other defensive shit, his smoke screen is all a good player will need. He isn't played like fucking Viper or Razor.
  9. PudgePie

    PudgePie Well-Known Member

    Diffusual > all
  10. dewouter

    dewouter Well-Known Member

    Lothars for instant invis
  11. danger_x

    danger_x Well-Known Member

    are u high or something
  12. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    There you go.
  13. VadujE

    VadujE Well-Known Member

    Just as already said, get diffusal.
    It's so fucking strong on riki. Smoke+Diffu is almost a sure kill, diffu boosts dmg and makes sure no one escapes.
    It's also defensive, got dusted? Blast it with piss Purge.
    Same goes for manta, nice damage, really confusing for the opponents since they have feedback and the backstab animation (sadly no dmg), split image also removes dust.
    End up with Butterfly and maybe even MKB or Buriza.
  14. fr0zenknife

    fr0zenknife Well-Known Member

    Diffusal blade, Basher, PT is core and extension, get whatever you want as luxury.
  15. Zangetsu2201

    Zangetsu2201 Well-Known Member

    So sad. OP, please GTFO as no person with an IQ > 100 takes you seriously anymore.
  16. UndeadHostage

    UndeadHostage Well-Known Member

    definately diff. Smoke+Purge is pretty effective.

    Manta is also pretty good, +movement spd, high agi gain, decent hp/mana gain as well. Pretty much what sa needs.

    And of course some warith bands for ur early kills.

    I also get HotD when I think my damage/attk spd is high enough.
  17. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    lothars, dagon 5, shiva, ethereal blade
  18. Shoox

    Shoox Well-Known Member

    Usual start (gg branches, tangoes, salve, quelling blade) - I also buy a magic stick and I make wand later (depends on your own playstyle). Buy 1 or 2 wraith bands for early dmg and boots. After that I try to get diffusal as fast as possible. Power Treads after that (you can make them before diffusal too).

    Midgame: 2x Wraith Band, Wand, Treads, Diffusal, TP
    After those items it depends on the line-up and how you are doin'. Possibile afterwards:
    Butterfly, Manta, Basher, Linkens, Buriza

    For more information: Guides!
  19. Magma__

    Magma__ Well-Known Member

    This will probably shortly get moved into the "Game Strategy" forum where it belongs. I suggest you to consider the forum before posting. Anyways a much better way of finding a viable build is from one of the guides here.
  20. The Clown

    The Clown Well-Known Member

    Diffu and Manta for me. Unless I get something like godlike in the 15th minute and then go for Rapier because it's obvious I'm playing against retards.