Riki item build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by daemon1129, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. daemon1129

    daemon1129 Well-Known Member

    Mask of Madness, then Diffusal Blade, then linken sphere for survival item.
  2. fruta

    fruta Well-Known Member

    I heard from somewhere that Diffusal is a good orb together with Manta.
  3. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    Orb stack? o_O! Make agi on him because of his backstab. Wraiths, diffusal, butterfly, possibly manta .
  4. dota.rs

    dota.rs Well-Known Member

    Diffusal + MoM? Funny. Just pump his dps and attack speed up.
  5. greenspleen

    greenspleen Well-Known Member

    U want both MoM and Diffusal?

    Riki is quite squishy - MoM's not a good choice.
    And orbs don't stack
  6. daemon1129

    daemon1129 Well-Known Member

    Well lifesteal dont stack with feedback, but it was mainly the ias is what riki needs.
    MoM's ias boost together with purge and feedback, then smoke is very effective. You will be backstabbing every 0.3 sec. Lifesteal was a bonus to help farm juggle. The reason no manta is include, is because image might block the real one from backstabbing as effective as possible when they are under smoke. Linken is optional. But normally they have gem by then, so linken can block stuns and other stuff that screw riki up. with smoke and invis, being glass cannon early is totally fine. feedback overrides lifesteal when attacking mana units, so the feedback dmg bonus is not wasted.
  7. fruta

    fruta Well-Known Member

    Smoke + diffusal is free hit.
  8. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    Sounds interesting, yet, quite useless.

    2WB+PT+Vladi+Diffu -> Yasha is much better IF you need that lifesteal that much, but I wouldnt get it. Your job is to sneak up on squishy heroes, and kill them asap, not survive long. If you struggle killing someone, and you have MoM effect on, anyone can just kill you with 1 spell and 2 hits.
  9. daemon1129

    daemon1129 Well-Known Member

    Again..Lifesteal is not the main thing here, in fact it is not needed except farming juggle. The real deal with MoM is the IAS. There are no other item early til mid game that give you that many IAS and MS. With invis and smoke, you shouldn't be getting hit at all. With high IAS and feedback AND backstab? You will be doing a hell lot of dps during early til mid late game. Then move on with other high tier items. MoM is cheap and powerful mid game, there just isn't any other cheap and cost effective agi items that give the dps riki needed to quickly take out lone heroes or in chaos.
  10. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    Why waste the precious mana burn on diffusal? Lifeleech will override it...

    PMS + wand --> Str/Agi treads (I use agi since I'm not a pussy) --> Diffusal is core.

    After that Yasha ---> Manta is pretty good, so is a straight bfly if you can farm it. This may sound stupid but basher and vlads are also viable options, linken's somewhat situational but can be utilised.
  11. Chefsache

    Chefsache Well-Known Member

    Getting raw IAS is dumb, since you already gain Attackspeed PLUS Damage PLUS Extra-Damage via your passive through AGI.

    It makes no sense at all, it's like getting a Vit Booster on Leoric. Cost effective Life-Push? Yes. Moire tanky? Yes.

    But 2 Bracers do the job better.

    Power Treads, Wraith Bands, Diffusal.

    Get Vlads Lategame.


    By the way, why would you need lifeleech that early via MoM? You backstab, you smoke the area, you hit 'em. They don't hit you, and if they hit you after the cloud is gone, that low lifeleech (considering your low damage, since you bought MoM instead of AGI items) won't help you at all.

    You need lifeleech lategame, when you lifepool, armor and damage are high enough to stand and trade hits with some of them.
  12. Raviollius

    Raviollius Banned

    The problem is there. You're assuming:

    - They are always alone and don't survive your first combo
    - They don't have dust/ward/track/amplify etc
    - They don't have enough burst damage to kill you in half a second with your +30% damage taken.

    Riki is pure paper. Adding 30% more paperness because most pubs usually honor the three conditions above may not be the best choice.

    Also, for Vlad users: It announces you're there because of the aura. You may as well have a Leoric in your team or something.

    One last advice: DON'T BUY ETHERAL BLADE, except if your team is full of nukers(not a common scenario)... Iv'e seen like 30 rikimaru with this item in the last month...
  13. kingtipop

    kingtipop Well-Known Member

    Aura don't show up when you're invis.

    Other points agreed on.
    Vanguard or hood before DPS item if you feel you don't have V-god ability to kill and get away.