Right click deny in Dota 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by dmae, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. dmae

    dmae Well-Known Member

    Right click deny = not having to press A to deny a creep

    It is currently possible to have right click deny by simple modification of config file. Do you think it was it a good idea to introduce it? How does a Dota 1 player feel about it?
  2. Rockinfig

    Rockinfig Active Member

    i don't think it really makes that much difference, i would say a-clicking is in most cases just as fast
  3. ~Maktor~

    ~Maktor~ Well-Known Member

    it is gonna be VERY confusing, believe me.
  4. hydrosan

    hydrosan Well-Known Member

    It will mess up your movement if you want to maneuver around creeps.
  5. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    I'm currently using it but most of times I'm still pressing 'A' + left click to deny. I can say it's useful and help you get some fast lh + deny "combo".
  6. Secchan

    Secchan Competitive Staff

    id rather A+Click , gives me control
  7. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    ^Why T-Down, you can use a+click anyway.
  8. Rowdyruff

    Rowdyruff Well-Known Member

    Hell no, i dislike any noob-friendly feature.
  9. Spartano300

    Spartano300 Active Member

    Yes, would be very confuseing and many people woul become crazy :facepalm:
  10. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    Awwww... the mommy's little pro.
  11. enjoidank

    enjoidank Well-Known Member

    it actually feels faster and easier, but i hate how you have to type it in every time you play
    so i dont really use it
  12. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    ^Actually, you don't need to type it everytime. Damn I'm spamming.
  13. arisinhell

    arisinhell Well-Known Member

    wrong do a quick search, download a configuration file and place it on your

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg


    Use mine if you are boring to search..


    This sucks period, i hope they ll fix it
  14. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

  15. moeeeom

    moeeeom Well-Known Member

    i have dota 2 but never ever tryed just right click to deny i still press A and left click
  16. dragonccc

    dragonccc Well-Known Member

  17. noctes

    noctes Well-Known Member

    It feels just a bit quicker to me...
    Probably personal preference but I like it ^^
  18. Irequis

    Irequis Well-Known Member

    Why not ?
    If people use right click to kill enemy creep why can't it work against ally creep ?
  19. iNooB123

    iNooB123 Well-Known Member

    Very stupid idea. How hard is it to press A and click?
  20. hanib

    hanib Member

    This is very good