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  1. RutiaN

    RutiaN Active Member

    One of my favs. Great support, great 1on1 killer, great pusher with refresher.
  2. losloboss17

    losloboss17 Member

    My first hero that i played in dota :D
  3. lolimtesla

    lolimtesla Active Member

    Awesome disables, good pusher.
  4. Trufs

    Trufs Member

    Got awesome combo, loved killing with him by trapping opponents :D
  5. Stings

    Stings Member

    Re: New Comment

    It would be interesting to see the shaman with 12 snakes :rambo:
  6. telekinesis12

    telekinesis12 New Member

    hey i've got question

    you know how to shift euls and tp with rhasta ?

    it shows that while tping... rhasta casts euls... its so imba..
    invulnerable while tping.... shit ! :D

    please teach me how to do that :)
  7. shishen4

    shishen4 Member

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    My first hero on dota.Damn nice.
  8. jetzeet

    jetzeet New Member

    good hero
  9. KHatarnak

    KHatarnak Active Member

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    Why the hell is there no guide for rhasta
  10. 1337Banned

    1337Banned Well-Known Member

    good gank and push when he plays midlane
  11. harodase

    harodase Well-Known Member

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    voodooo voodoo !!
  12. Alt_Tab

    Alt_Tab Well-Known Member

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    nc sappurt
  13. Wizz-fizz

    Wizz-fizz Member

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    shadow shaman - "let me just put a ward now that my creep wave is coming"

  14. witeboy95

    witeboy95 Well-Known Member

    Just played a game with him. This was my end result when we won.
    What do you think of my build?
  15. hoangulrich

    hoangulrich Member

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    I hear you man =))
  16. Rami.9

    Rami.9 Well-Known Member

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    i like trapping in his wards
  17. Rhasta_bistar

    Rhasta_bistar New Member

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    damn i love shaman.If you alive shaman...i love you...as a friend of course...don't get the wrong thing.
  18. shishen4

    shishen4 Member

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    The best disabler for me :)
  19. pubgamer007

    pubgamer007 Well-Known Member

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    just got rampage with him.

    so the enemy team was there, huddled up together, then i just randomly placed wards at the center and ES echo slams inside. then the splash damage of the wards gave me rampage. :D
  20. huskarcito

    huskarcito Well-Known Member

    Oh God nobody has posted here since 2012.
    C'mon people this Hero needs some love.