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Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by nelvlo, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. nelvlo

    nelvlo Member

    I'm not sure where exactly would this question belong to, so don't flame me if it doesn't belong here:rambo:. When playing 1v1, the starting is around 5k, is there any command that will reset the gold to 603? Thx!
  2. risingdemon

    risingdemon Well-Known Member

    if you are playing 1vs1, you'll have about that amount of gold
    if you want the gold to be 603, just make 4 computer by your side and 4 computer by your friend's side in a normal non-AI map
    hope this help.
  3. Dysania

    Dysania Well-Known Member

  4. nelvlo

    nelvlo Member

    Ok thanks guys, but I was hoping to play against AIs 1v2 om or something...I guess that is not possible
  5. risingdemon

    risingdemon Well-Known Member

    in that case, why don't you use this?
    greedisgood -10000
    greedisgood 603
    when all 2 sides choses heroes.
  6. random999

    random999 Well-Known Member

    No. "Closed" is a good option that divides money as well.
  7. Black Isle

    Black Isle Well-Known Member

    No, Closed slots don't divide money.
  8. myashssi

    myashssi Well-Known Member

    IIrc, those cheats do not work in multiplayer. But -test and "-gold -100000" and afterwards "-gold 603" should do the job.
  9. risingdemon

    risingdemon Well-Known Member

    of course those cheats don't work on Multiplayer
    if you use -test, AI's gold will not be affected, which is thing that OT do not want :(
  10. crinckle

    crinckle Well-Known Member

    If you use -test, use -goldall -1000000 and then -goldall 603. This will affect AI's gold.
  11. mfs_313

    mfs_313 Well-Known Member

    Even if you are playing 1v2 , using computers in all open slots will limit the gold to 603 for all players.
  12. Black Isle

    Black Isle Well-Known Member

    ...Playing with a friend?

    Playing against A.I?

    Playing against bots with a friend?

    Activate test mode, ( Write -test )
    -goldall -10000
    -goldall 603 ( If heroes are not picked: -goldall 853 )

    Question answered, closed.
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