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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Guldestam, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member


    If you, like me, want the K/D Ratio to be removed so that you can play your games without having to worry about people not playing to win please post your thoughts in this post.

    The K/D Ratio serves no purpose it only shows you how many kills you've gotten which doesn't matter at all, it's all about winning. Winning procent is KING.

    /thread /Abra
  2. AtrumVentus

    AtrumVentus Well-Known Member

    You can't expect people to not troll this thread if you started with trolling it.
    OT:I already send a suggestion to IF via E-Mail (got no reply, maybe I'll try pigeon next) to implement a guild system.
    So yeah, there's 3 stage:
    1. Pub - K/D/A stats (Hey it's pub)
    2. Comp - You know what I mean.
    3. Guild - W/L/D stats + allow guild war to increase guild popularity (normal game can be mix between many guilds with people with the same guild in the same team)
  3. jimmyvan

    jimmyvan Well-Known Member

    you mean dota2 records the k/d ratio in the player profile, and you want it removed? Or you mean removal of the in-game statistics?
  4. Ypha

    Ypha Well-Known Member

    Bragging rights?
  5. Dota2Panda

    Dota2Panda Well-Known Member

    KDR has no place in Dota 2.

    Look at what happened to HoN.
  6. Guardian AngeL

    Guardian AngeL Well-Known Member

    I think its don't solve main problem (i meant kill steal etc).
  7. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member

    Lol, did you expect an answer to your obvious question?
    FYI: The Sherlock Holmes 2 movie is due to be released in mid December so I don't think you still have a chance to audition for the role as Sherlock.
  8. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member

    When people start to realize that it's all about winning they won't throw Lina ults at people with 30 hp.
  9. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member

    1. - If you're able to reset it, only then, will some stupid KD stat work.
    2. - For competitive play we only need win % and rating
    3. - I don't really get it, inhouse?
  10. nenglm

    nenglm Well-Known Member

    its not in dota 2 right now, and they dont ever plan on implementing it.
  11. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member

    Source please. Don't make Valve-plans-statements without naming the source.

  12. jimmyvan

    jimmyvan Well-Known Member

    anyway, i dont care that.
  13. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member


    I've played over 1800 games of HoN and have never reset my stats. Hence, I DON'T GIVE A SH!T ABOUT STATS!!!!

    However, it's all about competition so at the same time- I'm indifferent :p
  14. nenglm

    nenglm Well-Known Member

    idiots these days... trying to sound smart on the interweb
  15. weMYM

    weMYM Well-Known Member

    People have stolen before kd as much as with kd.
  16. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member

    That doesn't sound smart at all.
  17. isbunk

    isbunk Well-Known Member

    This is the truth.
  18. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member

    Like I said, with a winning procent they won't. Please don't make comments before reading what's actually been posted.
  19. weMYM

    weMYM Well-Known Member

    The winning percent will always stay around 50 regardless of KD ratio.
  20. Guldestam

    Guldestam Well-Known Member

    Nope. Please don't troll, it says so in my first post.
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