[REMAKE] Traxex, the Drow Ranger

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    Comments below the suggestion.

    This suggestion adds a lot more fun to playing Drow Ranger. Instead of the boring right click hero with two passives, she now has four (yes, FOUR) active abilities, each adding depth to her play style and providing new tactical options for the team. The new abilities also solve her other major problems, which include the weak Trueshot Aura, probably the weakest aura in the game, the Silence spell which does not belong on a carry and is almost identical to Death Prophet's, and the lack of any sort of escape mechanism. It's not as good as a Blink, but it will definitely help her survive.

    Firstly, she needs more stats. For a hard carry without nukes, stats are of the most importance, and she has a very small stat growth. Drow has been handicapped with her piss-poor 1.9 Agility gain just because of Marksmanship. I think a 2.6 Agility gain is in order (this effectively gives her +0,5 Agility per level, or +12 overall Agility at level 25).

    I remade the old Frost Arrows (the one that slowed both movement speed and attack rate) by giving it less MS slow but more AS slow. I put the emphasis on the AS slow part because I gave her a movement speed increasing ability and the attack speed slow matters a lot when facing enemy carries and is a necessary buff.

    Then there was the issue with Silence. It is a very good skill, 6 second AoE silence is absolutely no joke, but this is not a skill a hard carry should have. Every single ability of the other hard carries provide either DPS increase, escape mechanisms, mobility or survival. Silence provides absolutely nothing in that regard. The solution was Weakening Shot, an arrow that silences, so Drow still counters blinkers, casters and invis heroes, and also amplifies the damage, so it basically works like an Orchid, except the amplified damage is dealt instantly, like in the case of Mask of Madness. The skill is not AoE oriented, but instead allows her to make quick work out of individual targets, which is what physical carries usually do.

    Now, regarding Trueshot Aura, I got creative and thought of something totally unique to the game: controlling Ancient creeps. I know that the reason IceFrog didn't add an ability capable of controlling Ancients is because they, especially the ones with 2000 HP, would be imbalanced to have on a skill that can be maxed at level 7, but I think my solution, Gift of the Drow, can fix this issue.
    Basically, Traxex keeps her Trueshot Aura, only this time it only affects herself and units she controls.
    The active part of this skill is that she can persuade a creep without an expiration timer, just like Chen. She can only persuade one creep. That creep initially starts out with a 50% damage amplification, effectively reducing its HP by 50%, so at level 7, when you can control something like a Black Dragon, instead of tanking 2000 HP, it will only tank 1000, less than a 1100 HP regular neutral creep would (but obviously it will dead twice as much damage). In the long run, the ultimate reduces the amplified damage they take, so at level 16 they can tank with their effective 2000 HP. So they start weaker in early game, and gradually get their tankiness back. This skill is also interesting to use, since one could theoretically persuade a Black Dragon and use it as a flying ward or to farm the jungle. Obviously, Drow Ranger becomes a successful jungler and at later levels can push really well and opens up a new way of playing her.
    Also note that persuaded magic immune creeps lose magic immunity, which means that they can be stunned and eat nukes, but because they are Ancients they cannot be consumed by Devour or Hand of Midas.
    The persuasion of Ancients is totally doable because all Ancient creeps only have a max level of 6, while Warlock Infernals, Lone Druid's Spirit Bear, Roshan and Super Creeps have level 7 or above.

    The ultimate, Extreme Conditioning, provides her with an escape mechanism that she desperately needs. She gains 0 collision and 30% MS when activated. She can still be stunned, purged, hexed and killed, but the fact that she can run through trees and over cliffs will undoubtedly save her life from time to time (note that she can still get trapped within trees, so pay attention to the duration). She is still passively provided with bonus Agility, but the number is reduced to compensate for the addition of the active part. Also, like mentioned before, the ultimate will decrease the amplified damage that the persuaded creeps take, eventually nullifying it at level 16.
    I actually got the idea for this skill after seeing how Drow ran and fought in the Dota 2 trailer. She looked really cool doing it and I came up with this.

    As a side note, her sight range is reduced to the standard 800 at night, since she can use creeps to scout ahead for enemies.

    Remember, numbers can be changed. Focus on the concept.

    Thanks for reading !
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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    HELL NO. Traxex is a very balanced and interesting hero. The only change I would like her to have might be improving her aura, since Venge has a FAR BETTER one. Though, I guess she doesn't need a buff...

    Obvious T-down
  3. DjuguluMutkA

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    I like the weakening shot instead of the AoE silence. AoE silence does not help in DPS against carries at late game where it's all about carries dealing physical dmg.

    But the 3th, gift, i dont know. Drow will never be same carry after that change. I mean, jungling trax? No thanks. Ofc jungle would be only one way to play her but the skill doesnt peaks at late game so i say aura remains the same.

    The ultimate, me like it!
    In the dota 2 trailer she is hasting in the shadows so why not, survivability should not be rejected.

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Hahaha, thank you. I actually got the idea for the ultimate out of the Dota 2 trailer. Glad someone noticed that. As for the third skill, I find it cool to have an Ancient that can tank 2000 HP helping out in pushing at level 16. It would be something unique to Dota.
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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Wow! First of all I want to congratulate you for the idea of persuading a neutral creep. It is definately unique.... /sarcasm
    Okay. Now seriously I like the idea of persuading ancients since it is "Defencee of the Ancients". It would fit. Imagine the great dragon hitting on a tower after 2min estimated playtime.
    That would be freaking awesome.

    BUT it would also need quite some balancing. Your concept of reducing the ancients HP is acceptable. But the numbers need more nerfs. Ah 1200 HP Dragon with >100 Attack damage and Splash is no fucking joke. I'd say remove the buff to its attack damage as it is quite enough to have an ancient fighting at your side. It doesn't need any more buffs so to speak. I am not sure what would be acceptable numbers. The idea to remove the nerfs to the creep by leveling the ultimate bit for bit is accually quite interesting but also be careful with it. with level 7 she would have the Dragon with Splash +40% Attack and only 27% damage enhancement. That's seriously enough to push 2 towers as the ancient wouldn't even "timeout".
    I am not unfamiliar with the concept of pushing heroes. But even Rhasta can drop his wards at only one tower and the maybe most comparable one: Syllbear with his Spiritbear is inferior to THIS Drow at level 7. He will be superior once he has items.

    But. Be. Careful. Which. Ancients. You. Wake.

    Well that is enough out of me for that skill. It would be awesome but is at this point too powerful.

    The ultimate change (not respecting the passive enhancement of the 3rd Skill): I like it. It is an inbuild Phaseboots and also an inbuild Spectral Dagger. But again. A cooldown of 20 Seconds and a duration of 9 seconds at lvl3 with apparently close to no Manacost (50 is nothing) is quite powerful. I do think that i would want that skill over a 5 second blink. It is nearly similiar and for the additional bonusses it adds its too powerful once again. I would just remove the Spectral Dagger part and make it just like Phase boots. That would for one make it just a mobility skill and not too powerful for well what i said before. Rebalance it and it will be fine.

    I'd definately vote for it though. It is indeed awesome. Still too strong but awesome so to speak. T-Null for now.
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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger


    why remake traxex

    when other need remake more
  7. Noxonius

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    While I really don't think Traxex needs a remake, this is still a pretty good suggestion. It is really balanced and has some originality in it, I would actually like to see this as a separate hero.
  8. Star_Saber

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    3rd skill is downright OP. Control Ancients? can we say control Roshan? or Sylla's Bear? or Infernals? you've got to be kidding me.

    T-Down for now

    I know Roshan starts now at level 30 (still the 6.73c version had him starting at a lower level I think), but the others? where's your source?

    also notice how many of the ancient neutrals are actually magic immune so it wouldn't work on them anyway (though that could be fixed by making this skill be her ultimate and the one you actually intended to be her ultimate be her 3rd skill)
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  9. MR-President

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Well, to answer your question, the source is the Unit Statistics section under the PlayDota.com mechanics section:


    As you can see, all the neutral Ancient creeps have no more than level 6. Roshan has level 30, Super Creeps have levels 10, 11 and 12, Sylla's Spirit Bear, Warlock Infernals and Pandaren Spirits have level 7.

    I already stated in the notes under the suggestion that these units cannot be controlled. And taking control over magic immune units is a very simple thing to do using triggers. It doesn't even require the skill becoming the ultimate.

    EDIT: removed the addition of Resistant Skin to persuaded creeps that lost magic immunity. Just realized that Ancients can't be killed by Hand of Midas or Devour and should be affected more by regular spells.
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  10. Odaik

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Question: Is weakening shot unit-targetable (like magic missle) or ground-targetable (like shockwave or powershot)?
  11. MR-President

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    It is unit-targetable. Making it AoE would be too overpowered.
  12. Odaik

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Well, tbh I think that dota needs some noob-friendly heroes (like leoric, void, and drow). But I really, REALLY liked your remake, turning her way more fun to play.

  13. Flame13

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    I like the weakening shot but others I don't really like...exept the icons...man those are FANTASTIC!!! You should make a suggestion at visuals cuz this set is just awesome...

    The ulti could be nice too but I am unsure of the cliff climbing and tree passing...I'd say if you nerf the passive agility a bit more it would be very good. She would be less lothar dependent too...
  14. Senyu

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Drow albeit a little boring sometimes I thought was balanced already. I always figured she was a carry that was strong at ganks especially against casters with her silence.
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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Weakening Shot = Ancient Seal + Damage
    Gift of the Drow = Very underpowered early levels and overpowered at level 4.
    Extreme Conditioning = Ultimate with a lot of effects
    No because
  16. condorzai

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    I see her great potential now. T-UP for removing the only agi ulti shit. Other skill set works fine too but i think u can make weaking shot dispel buff ;) T-UP ALL.
  17. TheHydroMule

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    So now she can't block people?
  18. MR-President

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Thank you all for feedback. I will reply to some of them.

    Glad you liked the icons. It took me time to find some good ones and to recolor them, but I don't think they would fit as a visual suggestion for the current Drow.

    I don't think the Agility bonus needs more nerfing, but if more people agree with you, it can be toned down to 7/14/21, 8/16/24 or 9/18/27. And yes, with the new escape mechanism, Lothar's is no longer needed.

    While it's true that Drow is a strong and balanced late game carry, she's boring as hell. This remake suggestion is only meant to spice up her gameplay by opening more things she can do and more ways of playing her.

    Well the active part of the ultimate only lasts a maximum 7 seconds, and Drow was rarely, if not never, used to block fleeing enemy heroes. Typically someone else does the blocking while Drow pounds them with Frost Arrows from 625 range away.
  19. MrMojoRisin

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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Such as ?
    She needs remake as soon as possible.
    Don`t spread bullshit.
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    Re: [REMAKE] Drow Ranger

    Darth_Vader is right...Traxex is a very balanced and interesting hero.she doesn't need buff..

    Big NO