[Remake] Mortred, the Phantom Assassin

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  1. Kaiverrettu

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    [nqb]Vengeance (Replaces Shifling dagger)
    [table][​IMG] | An adept fighter, Mortred can unleash powerful critical strike. The critical strike damage increases when she has taken alot of damage.[/table]
    [table] | Critical damage | Critical hit chance
    1 | 150% - 300% | 15
    2 | 200% - 350% | 15
    3 | 250% - 400% | 15
    4 | 300% - 450% | 15 [/table]

    Blink Strike
    [table][​IMG] | Teleports to a unit and attacks it. Gains 100% attack speed and invisibility for 2 seconds while attacking that same target. Maximum of 5 attacks. Cannot be used to teleport to allies. Attack speed bonus lasts for 4 seconds.[/table]
    [table] | Mana | Cooldown | Casting range
    1 | 50 | 18 | 1050
    2 | 50 | 14 | 1100
    3 | 50 | 10 | 1150
    4 | 50 | 6 | 1200


    Fan of knives
    [table][​IMG] | The Phantom Assasin releases a flurry of envenomed knives around her. The venom causes enemies to be slowed and receive upto 20% increased damage from all sources for the next 3 seconds.[/table]
    [table] | Damage | AoE | Cooldown | Manacost | Slow | Debuff duration
    1 | 150 + 2.0x of agility | 400 | 12 | 50 | 40% | 8
    2 | 225 + 2.0x of agility | 400 | 12 | 50 | 60% | 8
    3 | 300 + 2.0x of agility | 400 | 12 | 50 | 80% | 8[/table]

    • Damage type: Magical
    • No cast time

    Patch notes
    : Remade somethings
    19.5.2013: Changes
    20.5.2013: Made some changes
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  2. Desvelga

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    Re: [Remake]Mortred's Blur and Ulti

    No thank you, I'd rather keep her as is. Her huge critical strike damage is why she is even considered good at all.

  3. Kaiverrettu

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    Re: [Remake]Mortred's Blur and Ulti

    Newsflash for you: She is NOT concidered very good.

    Nearly permanent slow provided by Stifling Dagger slow is not concired utility now? Since when?

    If she does like 20%-40% more damage than the second most potent carry, I think that alone justifies her existence.
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  4. kidnguyen1412

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    Blur remake is interesting. But the Ultimate is so annoying. It just overpowered. Teamfight with Mortred is now even harder for the enemy team. (Imagine 3 heroes in ur team have the Soul Catcher buff on their head, they will die so fast that even cant do anything in teamfight. Also, the damage is too much. Morph can deal about 600 damage with 80+2.0x Agi, and u make the ultimate deal 225+2.5x agi?)
  5. Kaiverrettu

    Kaiverrettu Well-Known Member

    Soul catcher lasts for 12 seconds. Fan of knives only for 5 seconds, and requires a positional requirement, compared to the 600 cast range of Soul Catcher. Anyway, the utility buff is just something to concider for comp games.

    Mortred hard to deal with? Have you even played with her/against her? She is ridiclously easy to defeat.

    Mort can't transfer his STR to Agi. Becouse of this, a fully farmed morph will always deal more damage with his normal skill than Mortred will with this ultimate skill.
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  6. Foxlostinlove

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    I like the concept of coup de grace mashed up with blur. thats it
  7. Kaiverrettu

    Kaiverrettu Well-Known Member

    Heh. Okay.
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  8. SBVenom

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    It's treads not threads.

    Threads are topics made on a forum.
  9. ThainaYu

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    I like the concept too but this maybe not for Assassin. I think it sound fit for Panda (which already has skill that do both evade and critical, because skill like this should grant to MartialArtist not Assassin)

    PA is already good as she is. She don't need farming (And for balancing, she should not have built in farming skill) She can jungling and she should get gold mainly from killing enemy hero, let farming for hero who expertise in farming

    As someone said. Her skill should mainly used for killing with physical damage. That's for Assassin. Assassin should have focused target. Her name is Assassin not a Juggernaut or Slaughter that meant to kill every enemies at the same time
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  10. MathsDebator

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    Desvelga is right: what separates her from others is that massive crit. If you want utility and added thematic synergy, make Stifling Dagger silence, and balance around it.
  11. faustlim

    faustlim Moderator

    i have to agree with desvelga too
    but i think that the fact that she cant do anything other than kill stuff is ok
    It is a nice suggestion but honestly the old crit multiplier should stay
  12. ram231

    ram231 Well-Known Member

    Do you think the icon is the same as Bristleback?
  13. Kaiverrettu

    Kaiverrettu Well-Known Member

    Remade somethings + gave slight buff to the blink strike.

    Yes, that's becouse Bristleback uses the original icon that was Fan of Knives in the WC3 engine. In fact, it even uses the same base spell to achieve a zero cast point.
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  14. Piroman

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  15. WuHT

    WuHT Well-Known Member

    PA is the beginner player's wet dream because she possesses two key 1v1 autoattack passives

    1)the fattest critical strike
    2) an excellent evasion

    With these 2 core abilities she should win any 1v1 battle if no abilities are used.

    I think it is meant that her other 2 abilities are built into this core.
  16. Alex_bg

    Alex_bg Well-Known Member

    So Mortred will have a skill giving 20% chance to crit for 300% damage and 35% evasion in one skill? And her critical will get better if she takes damage? The hero might not be strong but how is this balanced? You almost put the entire current ultimate in the skill with little nerfs. And you're only adding buffs from there on. Blink making her invisible is extremely strong. Now people have to be extra careful and carry dusts to stop her from one hitting the supports she blinks to.
    Also the ultimate you propose as an early game nuke scales extremely well into late-game and magical damage is stronger than physical damage on nukes having in mind how every hero gets armor (through stats or items) but magic resist is neglected on most.

    This here is a perfect example of the powercreep that makes this game worse and worse with every new patch. Start nerfing heroes, not buffing everything to ridiculous proportions.
  17. Hogger

    Hogger Well-Known Member

    Ultimate is really overpowered.
  18. Kaiverrettu

    Kaiverrettu Well-Known Member

    It felt a bit too overpowered. Remade.

    Well, she is supposed to be an assassin. :D

    The invisibility will end after 3 seconds or after she performs all those attacks. I'll nerf it a bit by making it impossible to use it as an escape mech to blink into allies.

    2.0x agility. That's the same scaling as morphling's adaptive strike at max level and this is not even counting the fact that morphling can put his combined 5.0 agi/str gain into agility at will. So thus, I strongly disagree about the "strong scaling."

    Magic damage type is there mostly for her early game. If someone gets BKB magical damage gets nullified completely.

    I'd like Mort to have some utility aside from just physical DPS or the slow from her shifling dagger.
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  19. AnarShe

    AnarShe Well-Known Member

    Obvious T-Up. But I suggest critical hit chance increased to %20 and critical damage decreased to
    1 100% - 250%
    2 100% - 300%
    3 100% - 350%
    4 100% - 400%
    Because it is almost like a free CdG in a non-ultimate skills.

    And maybe the changes in the blink strike may not be needed. I love to escape by blinking allies.
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  20. berkeasonmez

    berkeasonmez Active Member

    Another T-UP from me to the concept, but the numbers at Vengeance and Fan of Knives should be nerfed, especially 12 second cd is too low for that ultimate.