Recreational Drug Discussion [Serious]

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    I looked up krokodil and woah, banned words are not a bit short of truth.
  3. Drugs like that are what give the other, damn near harmless (there are still side effects, some physical, some mental, especially with long term use) drugs a bad name.
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    How do you guys feel about the double standard applied here. Alcohol is legal because it brings lots of profit to the first-world countries while drugs are illegal because they aren't situated in places where those countries can exploit them.
    And alcohol is more dangerous than some of the drugs while being legal and even socially accepted. As it is alcohol causes more deaths than drugs. Same goes for cigarettes, but they are too entrenched in the economy to be removed as well. I find it really hypocritical to ban drugs while letting other hazardous substances only because it brings them profit.

    I am not an addict nor do I smoke or drink, but this has been bugging me for a while.
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    So do you think It's not that dengerous? Well you're wrong. Try to find photos of people trying it.
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    So you want to allow them just because alcohol is legal? Dafuq. Want you world to be destroyed or smth? Because that will lead us to mental and moral degeneration and chaos.
  7. same here :hope: Another reason why the government banned it (besides them not being able to make money off them), is because the government is afraid of what people have been able to accomplish after imbibing certain chemicals. DMT (Dimethyltriptamine) is NATURALLY produced in your brain during various key points in our existence as human beings; when we are born, when we sleep, when we achieve orgasm, when we have a near death experience (life flashing before your eyes, which is a common occurence when you break through on DMT), and when you actually die. The government has made DMT the most illegal substance in America, the cooking and distribution of which has an extremely high punishment. The strangest thing is that the US government doesnt even acknowledge its existence.
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    What? You misunderstood me, sir. I thoroughly believe it's highly dangerous.
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    So "not a bit short" doesn't mean "far"?
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    I meant alcohol and cigarettes should be banned as well. I don't know where I implied that I want drugs to be legal.
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    The black market would explode... I think there's a system missing in our law. Why are some really adicting drugs illegal, but some that aren't a bit addicting forbidden? (Cigarettes are addicting to, and an alcohol-addiction is awful, destroys your life... Cannabis doesn't make you addicted). It doesn't make sense. There isn't a really definition for drugs. The government should EITHER legalize all non dangerous or non addicting drugs. (I'd prefer the 2nd, because people that are addicted don't have a choice). Don't forget, there are really chocolade-addicted people to... But who takes them serious?

    It's arbitrariness which drugs are legal and which not.

    I think forbidding drugs is a step against freedom and is insane. It would plunge the black market into ruin to legalize them... Ofc there has to be serious control, even if you're just drinking alcohol.
  12. Thanks. Some funny name there :rambo:
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    meh i'll allow it, but yes, better served in debate forum

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    Had a Rayman Origins, 4 coop session on acid with work pals until 8am; so incredible and no harm was done.

    Try it out!
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    This explains why I've never seen this before. Honestly I think there would've been no problems if it was here first.
  16. Anyone want to elaborate on their trips/experiences on psychedelics? Like, what have you seen or thought while under the influence, or the conversations you have had?
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    Ya that shit is nasty, rots the flesh right off your bones. I read users have a life expectancy of 2-3 years, and once addicted, the user feels unbearable pain among the withdrawal sympoms.
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    Krokodil should be legalized.

    No seriously tho, don't these guys know what their getting themselves into? Cigarettes kills you over time and humans are bad at thinking about that far ahead, but knowing that it would kill you in 2-3 years and still do it? You deserve to die for stupidity.

    I've done Salvia a few times (its legal) and one time I remember running around the house asking my friends if I'm going to die, then I remember laying on my side, and seeing half the room in red, then I remember feeling my insides working, like my lungs and brain and heart pumping blood. Then the high stopped, and I told my friends that I was sorry about running around the house and they said "Dude, you didn't even move the whole time".
  20. On the note of insides... one time i did some realllllly good acid, and i was looking at people skeletons shining under their skin in neon rainbows. so beautiful!