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  1. Wyk

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    Welcome to the Studio D'Art
    The Home of Art and Creativity on PlayDotA.

    PlayDotA GFX is filled with various events and entities which the members of the community need to be familiar
    with when posting in this section. This thread will be your guide and teacher in understanding all such entities and help you in truly being a part of the graphics community here on PlayDotA.


    Who is Who in The Studio D'Art?

    Before you get moving about the section, we'd like to brief you up on the staff and the people behind the running of this section.

    Head Of Studio D'Art

    Chief Of Graphics Crew

    For any issues regarding Studio D'Art, method of working, ideas and suggestions for improvement - PM the Head - Studio D'Art.
    For issues regarding the Graphics Crew / Events / Member Requests / Recruitment - PM the Chief Of Graphics Crew.


    Rules and Regulations

    1. Do not rip - This includes but is not limited to using someone's work and claiming it as your own, wearing a signature that is not rightfully yours, using fan art from playdota.com and so on.

    2. Please post threads in the correct subforum. Portfolios belong to the portfolio section, signature requests belong in the request section etc.

    3. You are allowed to post your request in the main section only after approval from one of the heads of the section.

    4. Please read stickies in the respective subforums before posting.

    5.Constructive criticism is encouraged. Posts like "I like it a lot!" are tolerable but blatant spam like "cool!" is not. In a similar fashion, outright rude statements will not tolerated. Try and be a part of the community. Standing out happens by itself else you'd be forced to.

    6. Have fun! [​IMG]


    How Can I Start Getting To Know People Here?

    This might be the first question in your head and we already have it all sorted out for you. You can either post a casual message or a introductory statement here in the Cafe De L'Artiste thread or you can always post a few of your artworks here in the Studio D'Art and start off with a bang.


    I am not an Artist really but I'd surely love to become one but I dunno how?

    Not a problem at all. We have a whole section - Tutorials and Help, dedicated to helping out people and getting
    them acquainted with all the basics of art by supplying them with constant support and also a huge collection of tutorials.
    This section is an increasing resource and grows by the day so you can always come back and learn something new.


    I am not an Artist and I don't think I can become one either. But I'd like to get something done. Is this possible?

    Yes you can always make your request in the Members Requests. The guidelines you need to follow are already mentioned in the section, so I suggest you read through them before posting in order to work everything smooth.

    Please Note that the Artists who take up your work have volunteered for it and are not being paid for it by PlayDotA. Please be patient with your request and accept what you get. They will give it their best shot. Try not to make rude statements or you'll be off PlayDotA GFX before you get the chance to say sorry.


    I am already a Pro. I think am good enough to compete. Do you offer anything as such here?

    Yes we do. PlayDotA GFX has an entire section and a judging panel dedicated to hosting GFX events here in this section.

    It is called the Battle Ground and it is the home of all the Graphic Contests. All the monthly or global Graphic Events will be held in the main Studio D'Art section itself. So be sure to check it out. You can go to the sections and brief yourself up on the all the events that are currently going on in the section.

    Please make sure you read the Rules and Regulations of Battle Ground before trying to participate in the events. Only by doing this can you ensure that you take up a place in the coveted Wall Of Fame by claiming the contest titles for yourself.


    I really love this section a lot but I am not good at Graphics. Anything I can do to help?

    Yes surely. You can be an active poster and contributor to this section. That itself will eventually make you good at Graphics. But until that day, you can help us out by publicizing Studio D'Art by using this is as your signature.


    Please remember to link the signature back to this section. The link to this section is:
    Studio D'Art - DotA Forums


    You have now been briefed up on nearly most of the things that are available to you in this section. The few that are not, we will leave it for you to find out with an element of surprise. This thread will be continously updated on more and more information to help you in the future. So do keep checking it.

    For any queries regarding anything, you can always mail one of the Graphics Crew.

    Thank You,
    - Studio D'Art Team
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    [READ] How to Give Proper Feedback

    Greetings fellow forumers
    This is a short article with some pointers on how to give proper artistic feedback aka constructive criticism.

    Studio D'Art has become a very active section and so many people are posting their artworks now, so I think that everyone should know how to give a PROPER RESPONSE. :)


    What is constructive criticism?

    Constructive criticism, or constructive analysis, is a compassionate attitude towards the person qualified for criticism. Having higher experience, gifts, respect, knowledge in specific field and being able to verbally convince at the same time, this person is intending to uplift the other person materially, morally, emotionally or spiritually. For high probability in succeeding compassionate criticism, the critic has to be in some kind of healthy personal relationship with the other one, which is normally a parent to child, friend to friend, teacher to student, spouse to spouse or any kind of recgonized authority in specific field. Hence the word constructive is used so that something is created or visible outcome generated rather than the opposite. Participatory learning in pedagogy is based on these principles of constructive criticism, focusing on positive examples to be emulated over precepts to be followed.

    There can be tension between friendly support and useful criticism. A critic might usefully help an individual artist to recognize what is poor or slapdash in their body of work, but the critic may appear harsh and judgmental in the process. Useful criticism is a practical part of constructive criticism.




    - "This isn't your best work. I like the *some sig* better."

    - "It's bad."

    - "Read some tutorials."

    - "I like it."

    - "Very nice."


    - "This isn't your best work. I like the *some sig* better. I think that you can improve this if you added some details or maybe reducing the size of the sig/wallpaper/etc."

    - "It's bad. Reduce the fractals over the focal. You tend to overblend your works."

    - "Read some tutorials. Try using some gradient maps on this one or colorful textures. Bring out your focal point a little bit more"

    - "I like how you used the render/stock in this one." or simply "I like it because.."

    - "Very nice use of textures and gradients."

    For any queries regarding anything, you can always mail one of the Graphics Crew.

    Thank You,
    - Studio D'Art Team

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