Discussion in 'Agility - Scourge' started by Comments Keeper, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. aKiWoL.8

    aKiWoL.8 Member

    its a very good counter to another carry and a very good carry
  2. Adsaf

    Adsaf Member

    It's interesting how all the best tanks aren't strength heroes
  3. plus2

    plus2 Well-Known Member

    treads(or bot),manta,skady,heart,pipe,mkb
  4. mrbosnos

    mrbosnos Well-Known Member

    your damage R mine
  5. kusandaora

    kusandaora Well-Known Member

    damage go low :D
  6. BroderJosef

    BroderJosef Active Member

    Sometimes I miss the old pub carry Razor
  7. mvjs_27

    mvjs_27 Active Member

    can harass u to death...
  8. astrodon

    astrodon Member

    i miss his old ulti :( haha..
  9. Ustinov

    Ustinov New Member

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    Love this char, i harass so many people early on, then use my ulti to just murder them one on one
  10. ExpertMarksman

    ExpertMarksman Well-Known Member

    most worthless hero right now
  11. lannayaslash

    lannayaslash Active Member

    i really hate him because i cant last hit
  12. XiaoJoyce-

    XiaoJoyce- Well-Known Member

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    I miss the old razor :(
  13. [FeniX]

    [FeniX] New Member

    with the W is a good counter for huskar
  14. Tontza

    Tontza Well-Known Member

    lighting <3
  15. RutiaN

    RutiaN Active Member

    Wsa my best hero in the beginning, would go the old-classic build with BoT, S&Y, HoT, Buriza and then you can get BF, and you still have one slot left.
  16. eimeegaw

    eimeegaw Well-Known Member

    Definitely yes!- Old razor is way better than the new one..
    Frenzy is imba on late game
  17. -NighTmareX-

    -NighTmareX- Well-Known Member

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    static link is the most imba spell in the game which makes him one of the deadly carry and anti carry
  18. -NighTmareX-

    -NighTmareX- Well-Known Member

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    just think about it tb cant beat him with sunder ursa cant beat him in head on head combat and might spec cant beat him isolated place
  19. -NighTmareX-

    -NighTmareX- Well-Known Member

    except unstable current all the skills are nice. specially the static link :) which makes him
    a carry killer :D TB SPEC URSA PA TROLL watch out your counter is here :p
  20. HariSeldon

    HariSeldon Member

    One of my fav, i love him (?).