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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by wutwat, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    What language is that being sung in? That's beautiful. Fuckin' 10/10.

    Aight you scrubs. It's time for the master.

  2. Jazdia

    Jazdia Well-Known Member

    I've been a fan of instrumental music since few years ago and honestly I never earnestly listen to any classical composition like this one. >__<

    Well, despite its oldness and complexity, it was worth to listen, thank you for sharing this. 9/10


    I had a hunch this track had been posted here before but, uhh... too lazy to check it.
  3. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    8.5/10 solid epic orchestral music, not really fond of the final minute or so

  4. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    pretty comfy 8/10
  5. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    It was ok but felt kinda uninspired, 6/10

    I will post more bassjackers though, this has way too few views for how good it is compared to tons of famous crap EDM..

  6. Beary

    Beary Well-Known Member

    Bassjackers ftw 9/10

    Non-mainstream EDM???

    Here is some good electronic lounging music:
  7. ZealotCatfish

    ZealotCatfish Well-Known Member

    7.5/10 Giving some early Crystal Method vibes. Also I would give it a score that's a little lower, but I haven't listened to Electronic music like this for quite some time.

  8. Beary

    Beary Well-Known Member

    Amazing music video! 10/10
  9. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    This had a lot of pottential and started nice.
    Thing is... This guy's voice gave me an aneurism
    Shamefuru 3/10
  10. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    I actually listened to that as soon as it released, since I'm a fan myself. 8/10

  11. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    Solid 8/10, digging the guitar tuning in this. Funnily enough, I know the band from this:


  12. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    the guitar was good and I initially thought "this gon b better than expected" and then the hardcore distorted screaming started.. reaaally not my style but as I said the guitar was good, 5.5/10

  13. Beary

    Beary Well-Known Member

    A song about horses... 7/10
  14. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    Quite pleasant to listen to, tbh. 7.5/10

  15. Beary

    Beary Well-Known Member

    Cool. Just enough blues and jazz. 10/10
  16. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    Upbeat, but not much else to it for me 5/10

  17. Beary

    Beary Well-Known Member

    I know there is not much to the song, but did you play with the 360-degree video?

    8/10 for video. Not a fan of death metal, but the guitar in that song is amazing!
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  18. AvrilLabigne

    AvrilLabigne Well-Known Member

    ^This video is not avaliable.

    Try again later.