Rate the song above you

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by wutwat, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    What was that even ?

  2. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    I like In Flames' genre but not all of their songs
    This one was decent but nothing too special, 6.25/10

    This one's a hidden gem (unless you actively dislike the genre :p)
  3. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    Had potential, but too much wubbing for my taste. 6/10

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  4. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    6/10 Didn't excite me much
    I discovered this a couple days ago on 181fm , seems knda unique so maybe someone will like it.
  5. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    Verses mostly rap, chorus loud and lame, music sounds like R&B background, one part of the chorus from the second one onwards sounds nice but other than that I'm not seeing the appeal. 2/10

  6. ZealotCatfish

    ZealotCatfish Well-Known Member

    6.5/10 Feel like it would be better in context or a few listens, but didn't do too much for me at least.

  7. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    Motorhead songs have a lot of cool energy to them, this one included, although it wasn't very memorable, 6.5/10

    Also is it me or youtube links don't work at all on playdota currently? So I'll just post the url

  8. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    The kind of thing i was listening to right now 8/10
  9. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    Not bad at all. 8/10

  10. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    This is not quite my thing but it was a high quality song though



    also am I the only one that doesn't see youtube links on PD anymore? I just see a black rectangle
  11. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    I had this problem too. Uninstalled chrome and went back to firefox as always it never dissapoints.

  12. ZealotCatfish

    ZealotCatfish Well-Known Member

    5-6 /10 Not my sort of thing, but I could somewhat see the appeal. Then again, I'm not sure if I'm the guy to ask if anyone is looking for good taste.


    And by taste, keep note I thought it would be a good idea to order a sandwich with bacon, peanut butter, bananas, onions, provolone, and garlic.
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  13. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    6/10. Decent thrash, hate the voice.

  14. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    7/10 okay initial riff, nice thick tuning on the guitars

  15. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    The guitar saved it a little bit, was otherwise boring for me, 5/10

  16. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    This came to mind immediately while listening and i cant say i like it.

    I highly reccomend to ignore the spoiler and just cut to the chase for the sake of your sanity.
  17. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    I like how for some genres it's easy to guess even the subgenre, by just looking at the cover.

    7/10. The voice was a bit annoying.

  18. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    I don't get to complain much considering this is a really old recording but it was longer than what id like. 6.5/10

  19. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    Is this a source of memes or memerely referencing them? In any case while the piano background theme is quite nice (albeit getting repetitive after a while) I absolutely can't stand rapping, let alone the "fuck da police" kind. 2/10

  20. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    This is decent, don't know what else to say... 7/10
    Btw do you regularly listen to game soundtracks like these, like when studying or gaming? Cuz I also like cool game soundtracks but listening on youtube feels kinda out of place.. (unless they're exceptional mb?)