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  1. Njaard

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    Pretty strong tune.


    Might as well post some more Jaga ^^

    This is Touch of Evil, the closer from their latest album, One Armed Bandit. Unfortunately I couldn't find a studio version, but who cares? They're amazing live anyway.
  2. Njaard

    Njaard Well-Known Member

    -----epic double post----
  3. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    2/5 stars.

  4. HowToKick

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  5. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    1.5/5 stars.

  6. anujgoku9595

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  7. Njaard

    Njaard Well-Known Member

    4/10, can't bloody stand Overrated Sevenfold...


    This is practically the only feel-good music I listen to, but by the nine divines, it's glorious!

    And So I Watch You From Afar - 7 Billion People All Alive At Once

    (it's from their 2nd album, Gangs, which is pretty fantastic by the way).

    ... And it's live again, couldn't find a studio for this one either as well, but they're quite tight, so it doesn't matter too much.
  8. NachTotoro

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    this is your feel good music? I think it's pretty boring


    sry for bad sound quality
  9. anujgoku9595

    anujgoku9595 Well-Known Member

    the horrible sound quality really hurt my ears...

  10. CynthiaCrescent

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    Can't stand Westlife: 6.5/10
  11. MeTaL GuArD

    MeTaL GuArD Well-Known Member

    Not really my thing. 5/10.


    An amazing instrumental cover that really floored me when I first found it.
  12. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    2.5/5 stars.

  13. NachTotoro

    NachTotoro Well-Known Member

    2/20 I don't like Radioheads music and this track is a perfect example.

  14. PunKZ

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    I can imagine this playing in a club party. I thought it sounded really original and it had nice transitions throughout the entire song, but the drum beat, which btw sounds like the beat from most 90's pop songs, got a bit repetitive in the long run. 6/10
  15. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    2/5 stars.

  16. WoodWyzard

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  17. MeTaL GuArD

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    Goddamn, they HAD to merge so many sections with a ton of their own threads each into RC. I was afraid I won't be able to find this one.

    @song: Not bad, but not great either. 6/10

  18. Maydie-

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    I'm really not a fan of metal, especially mixed with violin. It's just not my cup of tea.

    How exactly do I show youtube videos in my posts? I try copying the URL in the ['YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE'] but it only shows a big plank page where the video is supposed to be when I preview my post.
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  20. Zuul

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    No thank you. The beginning would be good for that girly moment in some anime, but never again.
    I went 1:35mins.


    Sorry. I think that is Korean? Not what I would consider to put in my playlist.


    Tool - Aenema