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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by SzotyMAG, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. SzotyMAG

    SzotyMAG Banned

    "Is actually DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS, not EXTERMINATION OF THE ENEMY. Everyone wants to demolish the enemy ancient instead of slaying as many heroes as you can"


  2. Aircross

    Aircross Well-Known Member

    Great quote.

    The game is also not called "Acquisition of the Rares," or "Elongation of the E-Peen."
  3. kikoano

    kikoano Well-Known Member

    it pubs people just camp at spawn to get kills dont care for base
  4. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    I know, that is why I always stand and protect the ancient camp. (has this joke been used before?)
  5. DaInc

    DaInc Well-Known Member

    Agreed.Your ancient must prevail,the way to do that is for you to decide

    It's also defence of your sanity,since you lose all home for humanity ,and rely on 4 random strangers while your consciense balances around wanting to kill them or just quit the match.
  6. Quiix

    Quiix Well-Known Member

    Not a fan of rat doto
  7. NonOblivion

    NonOblivion Active Member

    Killing enemy heroes is a tool helping you destroy the enemy ancient, which is the actual objective of the whole game. Although DotA keeps being modified to encourage early and mid game engagement to make it exciting to watch, the basic rule never changes. As it is written even in the title of the game, whoever ignores the rule deserves a defeat.
  8. Tough.Resolve

    Tough.Resolve Well-Known Member

    The fact is that killing the enemy helps in your goal - you receive more gold, and it gives you time to attack their base while they cannot defend at full strength. The problem arises when players focus only on kills and use the time to farm instead of push.
  9. DaInc

    DaInc Well-Known Member

    Agreed with this.But if the enemy just doesnt need to kill you,and goes straight for base and you do nothing about it,how is this not being outplayed,but it's "rat" dota instead?
  10. Kirijo-san

    Kirijo-san Banned

    wtf is rat dota?
  11. Aircross

    Aircross Well-Known Member

  12. Tough.Resolve

    Tough.Resolve Well-Known Member

    Much of the answer to this depends on the context of the game. If you're talking about an All Pick pub game and you're run over by a team including NP and KOTL, there isn't much you can do because the solution is in the hero picks. Chances are if you're losing to that you have too many farm-dependant heroes or poor pushers.

    If this is happening in CM, draft better for reasons stated above.
  13. melth_

    melth_ Well-Known Member

    Noone questions if it's legitimate or allowed to "rat-dota". The only problem is that it isn't fun to watch. And competitive dota also is an entertainment industry.
    But aside from that - even in (european) football there are teams that play unattractive 9-man-in-the-defense style and win the Champions League - everyone complains about the asthetics, but noone questions the legitimacy or effectiveness.
  14. Kirijo-san

    Kirijo-san Banned

    so we not allowed to push?
  15. Aircross

    Aircross Well-Known Member

    You are. It's just "anti-fun" for some people.
  16. Laocedric16

    Laocedric16 Well-Known Member

    Still, no matter how hard I try to like this kind of strategy, I always think of it as "Desperate Moves". I know it's dumb of me but I've been trying to change my perception because it's a Legit Strategy but I just can't. I've won some games because our captain planned Rat Doto but still, I don't like it.
  17. kikoano

    kikoano Well-Known Member

    dota its not rat people are rats!
  18. SkyforgerXVIII

    SkyforgerXVIII Well-Known Member

    It's just people moaning because accomplishing the goal of the game is too taxing for them to handle/understand.
  19. MistressDotA

    MistressDotA Well-Known Member

    Rat Doto best Doto! I love base races <3
  20. Green_Sliche

    Green_Sliche Moderator

    Banning split-push is stupid.

    Buffing glyph and anti-backdoor are reasonable enough.

    Another alternative could be TP scroll tweaking.