Rant: Dota2's Slardar model

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by burningsera, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. burningsera

    burningsera Well-Known Member

    Update 24/8/13:
    At this stage i know Valve simply hate the hero:


    or we have been getting trolled for about 2 years now.

    must be from the same artist:
    Update 25/4/13:

    This thread has been going on for so long now, being bumped up from time to time, the best chance is everyone spam in their hero model forum, http://dev.dota2.com/forumdisplay.php?f=154 , you can just copy/paste the whole OP in it or just drop the link.

    backup link for pics in this thread, just in case:

    Update 19/9/12:

    Well naked model is out so i don't think they give a damn to his shitty model, RIP the awesome naga almighty guard, here you are, sluggish dota2 fishman:
    Update 15/8/12:
    Ok i made a steam group for this, JOIN the group to show your support!!!


    I believe that they buffed his upper body part (and fix his mouth) back in earlier of this year due to my rant about it at the dev forum (was a rather odd patch note so i notice that) or at least there wasn't just me who rant about it. With naga released a few days ago and she reminded me to keep ranting on slardar (this is a modified post from my post at the dev).

    Current model:

    IE, a fat (and short) merman version of Gremlin:
    his mouth looked 100% like gremlin's before they fix it rofl. cybrogmatt's before and after
    Fat merman

    Main rant points:
    1.All the models released after TI1 are AMAZING. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (YES, I NEED TO USE CAPS TO EMPHASIZE THAT). Seriously, look at naga, lanaya, wisp, luna, tree, ck, rubick, lycan - seriously all the later released heroes, are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My only problems remained are the pre-TI models ES, VS and my beloved slardar. And maybe add in mirana's hair too. It is evident that great job from Valve have done so far.

    2.Please play ONE game of slardar in dota1. and tell me if you are ok with the dota2 version. try to sprint to chase down anything(just move quickly across the map and imagine you have an enemy hero to chase) and get hyperstone(and threads) and lvl4 bash to hit on anything. And tell me how do you feel about that. Slardar is an amazing hero and one of the biggest factor is that his sprint and bash (animations) give the user some great pleasure. That ding ding ding sound he made by bashing and the speedy sprinting (try to understand that the speed is not extremely quick but the animation made you feel like that!!!), oh my beloved slardar <3

    Dota1's model (some of them may not be the accurate naga model used in dota1 but they are referenced worthy, i am sorry i am not a graphics guy when come to these kind of stuff):
    Sideview slardar, a very accurate fan's sketch. Notice the HUGE upper body part and the slim/agile looking tail/lower body, unlike the current model of FAT and short tail of slardar.
    Idling, look at his sexy body (in a manly way).

    Boss-liked attack animations, you DON'T want to fight that thing. You can actually tell that the trident is heavy by the looks of it. He looks like he is threatening your life, DO YOU FEEL IT?

    And the bottom line is, tell me do you find this cooler or the current dota2 model:
    The real naga royal guard holds his trident in a very menacing way.

    The voice acting of current dota2's version is very nice so really it just comes down to tweaking the model on little details and his holding trident posture. Simply put, he is too fat (and short).

    *All the pictures come from google search and ill skip the reference for this time because i am lazy.
    **Some related 8months old thread: http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=562482&highlight=slardar

    Extra: Not that i ask for this, but this is probably the coolest fan's art out there. Valve please be ambitious and keep impressing your fans PLEASE.

    Surely i am not the only one who is not happy with current dota2's slardar model???

    With all the love,
    a huge fan of Icefrog and Valve
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  2. amoura

    amoura Well-Known Member

    here a nice thread for you about suggestion on slardar model
  3. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    Damn you beat me to it :crybaby:
  4. PegasusRider

    PegasusRider Active Member

    whoa, speechless
  5. Skyforger3.0

    Skyforger3.0 Banned

    That's because DotA > Dota 2.
  6. Goldenkrow

    Goldenkrow Well-Known Member

    He definatly need improvement yeah. I hate his tail, it looks like a shrimp tail
  7. wzuni9a

    wzuni9a Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he looks like a slug right now. And those gloves. Dafuq were they thinking and they put those on?
  8. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    Slardar is one of my favorite hero. And yes, they should have some twitch about his model.
  9. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    I disagree with Treant's model, imo he looks terrible. Really bland and lifeless model with ugly spell effects.
  10. Semi-Formal

    Semi-Formal Well-Known Member

    Yes, I agree. Sladar is one of the models that 100% suck compared to the WC3 one. (others would be BS and ES) One of my favorite heroes being reduced to some slug that wears BDSM gloves. zzzz
  11. burningsera

    burningsera Well-Known Member

    I know dude, but I didnt wanna necro old thread!! noted in the OP though.
  12. Kended

    Kended Active Member

    +1 I completely agree with you, I've always thought his Dota 2 model looks like a fat slug, and he looks completely retarded. He's probably one of the only models where I actually would prefer his dota 1 model. :facepalm:
  13. burningsera

    burningsera Well-Known Member

    I feel like treant is a WIP model (like 80% progress) but the model looks good nonetheless.
  14. burningsera

    burningsera Well-Known Member

    funny i just realize that gloves look like something from BDSM haha. ye that gloves is just out of place.
  15. burningsera

    burningsera Well-Known Member

    sup server.
  16. amoura

    amoura Well-Known Member

    it wasn't a glove...it was cause by the model viewer cannot see Slardar's hand, so it becomes like that... but slardar is still ugly as fuck...
  17. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    Don't forget void, the "darkhaha".
  18. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    I think Void looks way better than the Wc3 one.
  19. Saini0902

    Saini0902 Well-Known Member

    I agree he looks like some retarded fat slug, and I hate the way he holds his twig trident, wtf. Valve please make him look as badass as Wc3 Slardar.
  20. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

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