Random Chat Rules *updated* 10-Oct-2011

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Valorian, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Valorian

    Valorian Forum Manager

    Random Chat Forum Rules

    Hello and welcome to Random Chat. This forum is for discussion of any topic unrelated to DotA or not covered under the other sub-forums on PlayDotA. If you think you have something interesting to share that does not belong anywhere else on the forums this is the place to post in. If you are unsure whether a topic is allowed due to objectionable/controversial content PM the staff first.

    The global Forum Rules still apply here, not quoted in full below (please visit link for the entirety):
    Rules #1, 3, 4 and 5 are especially pertinent. Also, some additional rules of conduct to observe whilst in RC:

    1. No meme spam. (What's a meme?) e.g. "cool story bro"
    2. No thread derailing (What's thread derailing?) e.g. Asking math question in a thread about food
    3. No (anti/self-)lynch threads or posts (What's lynching?) e.g. "I hate <insert member name>", "why is <random user> banned?"
    4. No backseat modding, e.g. "you're gonna get banned for that post"
    5. No advertising for other sites for commercial purpose.
    Not complying with above rules will result in disciplinary actions by the staff, the magnitude of which will depend on the severity of the offense. These rules applies to all sections in RC as well. If you see any posters breaking the rules please feel free to report them. Do not respond in kind.

    Last but not least, RC is not a real time chatroom. PlayDotA has a dedicated IRC channel for that sort of thing, and the instructions on how to join can be found at this link.

    Thanks for reading thus far. Enjoy your stay in RC!

    Staff contacts:

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  2. Valorian

    Valorian Forum Manager

    Re: Random Chat Rules *updated* 21-Oct-2009

    I've been seeing some posts about the "state of RC" in topics here and there. From now on such posts are considered off-topic and may be subjected to deletion without prior notice.

    If you have something to say about RC as a forum on the whole, do so in this thread, or Site Feedback. Ditto moderation queries. This is so as to minimize thread meandering and consolidate feedback.

    For those of you who rather not use the open platform offered, there is always the PM option.
  3. Wivot

    Wivot Administrator

    re: Random Chat Rules *updated* 30-Mar-2010

    This is to inform everyone that the PlayDotA Staff after heavy consideration and discussion, have made a decision to close down and henceforth prohibit all "Ask Me" themed threads keeping multiple factors in mind. This is in the better interest of the community and will be in effect as on 30th March, 2010.

    - PlayDotA Staff
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  4. Crysiz

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    Re: Random Chat Rules *updated* 30-Mar-2010

    The "makes you lose count" threads" in the forum games section have been prohibited since October, 10th, 2011. Please do not make any more of these.

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