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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Almayce, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Almayce

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    Well, there is nothing much to say, but right now, i m pissed off, so this will be my little stress release, hope u dont mind. I ve been playin about half a day on RGC today, hoping to play some decent games, of course. I played about 5 games, 1 game was without leavers and pretty decent, we lost due to outpick late anyway, im not raging cause of that, the rest of that games was just point gathering by sentinel(i never play there, scourge ftw). And when that guy left, about 5th-10th minute mark, first thing i see in all chat is "no rmk", that makes me wanna smash their heads with hammer. And what is icing on the cake, what makes this day so special is when i play one game when we are winning, i have 3:0 bat on mid vs sf, he leaves and 3 out of 5 guys in my team write !votermk, in 10. minute...

    So, guys, if u play on RGC, how do u deal with those people? And the other thing, do u think that they(I mean developers of RGC) will do something about this? Its still in beta, so there may be some better ideas how to deal with leavers, noob, etc.

    Sorry for my english btw, I m still learnin.
  2. Adyxxx

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    simple go to your country chanel and ask for higher gameplay leagues or ask for them on the main thread and stop playing pubs ...
  3. ramadan07

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    leavers problem is a serious problem cz leavers ruin the games all the time, and the command -so was found to help games to continue as much as posibble. anyways, for myself, i play host most of the time and my ban list is very huge, and i have too much people saying, we cannot join you when i spam in the main chat, join me apso for example. i hope that those leavers will be punished by any mean, i suppose to withdraw exp points from them because they are taking too much care of the exp and they leave to find easier game that will guarantee for them better exp point. also i hope in dota 2 they will find some solution for this, dunno how, but, still a hope. and relax bro, we used to stay 1 hour with contiuoing one single game. but what to do? nothing :)

    btw. if you go to high level room, definitly you will find less leavers there.
  4. Shadow Fury

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    Leavers suck.
  5. Almayce

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    Well, i dont care that much if im playin with people from my country, if they are good and understand just a little bit english, or do what they are supposed to do i really have no problem.

    The problem is that u actually get punished more in RGC if ur teammate leaves - u loose 1 hero and u in 90% of cases loose u points, which are, as i cleverly figured out, everything they care about.
  6. Roseveld

    Roseveld Well-Known Member

    play in community with leaver protection.
  7. Cp6uja

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  8. BabuinulVerde

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    RGC is still better then Dotalicious. Join Dr.Comm games, or get vouched in a league.
  9. teng)

    teng) Well-Known Member

    Razer Global Challenge ?
  10. Almayce

    Almayce Well-Known Member

    Yes, thats where i play every day casual games. But i must say that i got better after writing down what bothered me... feels good :)
  11. incisorr

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    i assume ranked dota client, the place with policy " we dont need good players as long as we have mature ones "
  12. DarkMedina

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    What the fuck do you want to tell with this? What is your point? Did you even read the thread? Or did you just ctrl+c ctrl+v out of your ''HEY I'M A PUB BUT I TOTALLY PWN PEOPLE WITH LESS THAN 50 APM" notepad phrases?


    I do votermk at very clear situations, where there is a game ruiner that is feeding intentionally just for the sake of feeding. Other than that, the points are mine to grab, why would I care? Just ff if you are in the 4 man team, you won't win it at most situations anyway.

    Teamstacking was considered an issue, but then they implemented an auto-balance system for a day, the day when RGC didn't have ANY PLAYER AT ALL online. At least on Brazil.

    Btw, I really think that leavers get instabanned from RGC. It's a timeban iirc, and it gets much worse the more they leave. They also ban for PC ID, not IP. Not that it's impossible to get rid of the ban, but it's not that easy.
  13. Almayce

    Almayce Well-Known Member

    I think that command votermk needs some changes...when guy leaves from ur team in lets say fourth minute u need freakin SIX people to vote rmk and i ve seen just once, that they did so. U need either new command, something like "!noobingame" or some extension of votermk.
  14. Madchen

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  15. DarkMedina

    DarkMedina Well-Known Member

    Maybe changing !votermk to 5 votes if there are 9 players ingame is the way to go.
  16. Almayce

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    Well, with 5 votes u still need 1 from opposing team and that still would be the problem imo. On the other hand there are some good ideas in link SMOKEDorc provided. Mainly this "My suggestion would be to decrease the needed votes to remake the game to 4 all the time so only the team where someone disconnects needs to decide if they actually want to play on or not. Additionally the score difference between the teams may not be greater than, let's say 5, or else the remake option won't be available or is replaced with the !ff option early game. " Pretty much "my" idea :)
  17. LimitbreaKer

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    Yet Another Person Who Whines About FUCKING PUBS On RGC.

  18. AWRNSS

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    The client is great, way better than Garena (and let's don't even mention Dotalicious). I currently live in Argentina and I can play lag-free aganist europeans...

    If you want to play better games, just try to get vouched in DR.Community, it's a very nice place to play.

    Also the client is constantly updated, solutions will come
  19. DarkMedina

    DarkMedina Well-Known Member


    Yeah, but it would be something less radical.

    6 -> 5 instead of 6 -> 4
  20. marcvs

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    Soon new leaver free pub league inc.

    Or get vouched somewhere else :)