Radiance on Invoker=Abuse

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Rassler, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Rassler

    Rassler Banned

    buy radiance turn invisible which lasts until canceled
    then move around enemy damage and slow them.its disgusting and abuse
    isnt it?
  2. nog

    nog Well-Known Member

    It's not abuse. Buy dust.
  3. DCX

    DCX Well-Known Member

    No you are just pub retard number 768 billion who does not believe in buying dust or TP scrolls.

    That is if you are being serious. IMO this is not stupid enough to be a troll if it is one, I've seen better.
  4. clan_iraq

    clan_iraq Banned

    Apparently theres a hero called "Stealth Assassin" recently added to DotA.
  5. Rassler

    Rassler Banned

    There are many retarded people in pubs who dont buy dust gem or necro and etc... and they rather save their money and i cannot keep buying dusts through all game plus if you use the dust you cannot catch him still
    and stop this troll **** for Dota sake im just discussing it
    Stealth assassin doest slow...and invoker can pass through units while SA cant
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  6. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    Necro lvl3
    Bounty Hunter
    da heck, even Zeus can spam arc
  7. Black.Lotus

    Black.Lotus Well-Known Member

    Hahaha yeah, Invoker with Radi is great... only for pubstomp...
    I've done this once and it was great... I was invis next to my enemy and he didn't get it... this Lina casted a stun into nowhere and as she hasn't got any hp she began to run, but with that skill build I had tornado and get her. Muhaha
  8. SpiralAvenger

    SpiralAvenger Well-Known Member

    Yea.. This game is so imb4, theres nothing that can counter invisible stuffs. oh wait..
  9. clan_iraq

    clan_iraq Banned

    yeah and he can do it as soon as he hits 5150 gold, instead of having to wait until level 15 and using nothing but a low damage tornado until then. And he can also pop out of his invisi, kill someone, and pop back in. And its a good item on neither hero.
  10. AduhAwas

    AduhAwas Well-Known Member

  11. Rubn

    Rubn Well-Known Member

    You know that it slows Invoker too? Just buy dust and rape his ass while he tris to run away with low ms...
  12. Rassler

    Rassler Banned

    it doest slow invoker if you got all levels of wex
  13. Steric

    Steric Well-Known Member

    you mean after at the very least level 15 when 35 dps isn't very much. Hood reduces the damage to 18 per sec and grants 8 life regeneration. By level 15, your base life regeneration would be at the very least 2. So this is 8 damage per second lategame, thats so imba.
  14. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    lol owned.

    Serious reply:

    This has been discussed ages ago when Invoker first appeared with Ghostwalk.I've seen it in-game couple times.If you don't have reveal item or tp you are finished,you can't stop him.But I'm afraid that is not possible in serious games.At all.
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  15. MKC

    MKC Well-Known Member

    I'd rather play against an invoker with rad than bear with rad any day.
  16. EyeOfFire

    EyeOfFire Well-Known Member

    It's not trolling when people lose patience with a "discussion" that is simply retarded.
  17. mfs_313

    mfs_313 Well-Known Member

    and this guy is writing guides in the strategy section ... :S
  18. R.B.Economy

    R.B.Economy Well-Known Member

    Dust. Ward. No abuse.
  19. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    If you let Invoker so much farm, you deserve to loose
  20. Ravanasura

    Ravanasura Well-Known Member

    OT: Apparently there are people out here who think all pubbers are retards.. I dont think so.. Ive been in pub games, where a warlock picks up warding duties from the beginning of the game, and continues warding till the end.. Seriously, Ive been seeing more coordination in pub games than in professional tournaments. / sarcasm

    On Topic: Have you heard of items called wards?