Quotes Portfolio 2.0

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by SECXIIKILLLA, May 6, 2011.

  1. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    Everything relating to me is portfolio worthy. You'll notice in the first page of my portfolio there is a link to all posts by me, all posts with AriStar in it, etc. because they should all be in it.
  2. A G R

    A G R Banned

    let me translate that into plain english, for all those viewers who have just joined our broadcast:



    Oh shut the hell and and go back to your portfolio


  5. Alcoholic_panda

    Alcoholic_panda Well-Known Member

    I want to be in the Portfolio, I will say only stupid things 'til I find myself here

    Ferdi and Denki are 'da best.

    Vengeful Spirit owns a Drow Ranger as a carry any day.

    I fap to Carmen de Mairena, and actually like it more than it being to Megan Fox.

    Is that amount of stupid enough? I hope so
  6. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    I think you ingested more alcohol than Brewmaster. Please refrain from plaguing the threads for the next lifetime and seek medical condition.
  7. Akhdas

    Akhdas Well-Known Member

    yea.... only stupid things ryt??
  8. gaibo1

    gaibo1 Well-Known Member

  9. Fate Trap

    Fate Trap Well-Known Member

    Oh, Don't you know the trend!!?!? This is like the worst portfolio evarrr. People make their own portfolios now. Go make your own and post ALL your posts! So you can be awesome and kool!
  10. Louie.

    Louie. Banned

    ^agree, even Fate Trap has his own portfolio
  11. Fate Trap

    Fate Trap Well-Known Member

    Hipster fate made portfolios before it was shit.
  12. ForsakenAcolyte

    ForsakenAcolyte Well-Known Member

    Too bad i understand sarcasm now...

    Panda Portfolio, create 1...
  13. gaibo1

    gaibo1 Well-Known Member

    And as for me, no way I'm gonna make one. Too lazy to come up with the stuff.

    Inb4 someone mentions NFM.


  15. Skyforger3.0

    Skyforger3.0 Banned

    I'm 22 and what is a portfolio?
  16. TheDamneD

    TheDamneD Well-Known Member

    What the actual fuck you faggots. Stop spamming and start posting quotes.
    If you've got nothing worthy to say then don't.
  17. Skyforger3.0

    Skyforger3.0 Banned

    stfu :cat:

    ps: come to rgc and play some pubs
  18. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member


    By that logic I'm a hipster too, D'Art portfolios ftw.
  19. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    Portfolios are for faggots. This one's an exception.
  20. Alcoholic_panda

    Alcoholic_panda Well-Known Member

    I feel honored, the PlayDotA community answers my posts! OMGWTF This is like a concert of Bieber, well, not THAT great.