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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by IceFrog, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. IceFrog

    IceFrog Administrator

    The purpose this thread is to collect a very quick pastebin style section. This is not for elaborate ideas, modes, content or changes. Sometimes small changes or features in DotA can have a big positive impact on some users experience.

    Post up to 3 things that you consider to be simple or quick to implement but would matter a lot to you.
  2. Semb

    Semb Well-Known Member

    I've heard a lot of complaints about losing selection of your hero after Astral Imprisonment. Selecting the hero for the player after the duration of the spell would be easy to code and would leave a lot of people satisfied.
  3. Shyguy

    Shyguy Member

    1. Host only -kick AFK option *since most players are trigger happy about it.
    2. Change your hero name..?*could be fun*
    3. Can't really think of any more :D
  4. DarkMedina

    DarkMedina Well-Known Member

    1. Invoker's base reagents giving +stats.
    2. Mortred stats buff.
    3. Have hero control after Reincarnation/Aegis.
  5. Vascaroon

    Vascaroon New Member

    Icon change for Orchid Malevolence
    nothing else
  6. Triple0

    Triple0 Well-Known Member

    fix the trees the poor rooftrellen places. when you change to snowy terrain, the trees remain green
  7. YouSuckAtDotA

    YouSuckAtDotA Well-Known Member

    1 good suggestion, 2 ideas.

    -Remove laser and brain sap from working with decrep (new).

    These are pure damage? spells...and decrep amplifies magic damage? Why was this changed?

    -Please start erring on the side of too weak than too strong when introducing new heroes/items/reworks.

    The only thing that I can recall off hand that was too weak when introduced was magic stick. Everytime new things are introduced they're ALWAYS picked and immediately broken. Granted, most players won't know how to play them, but some are fast learners.

    -Develop a strong team of trusted, reliable people to help you maintain the site and the game. People that can help you sift through the countless suggestions.

    Players are your best form of feedback, and ways to improve the game. Obviously there are only going to be a few GOOD ones for every thousand mediocre or bad, but it's important. On D-A.com, I felt that alot of players contributions were ignored.

    I know these aren't really quick/implementable changes (I only said one), but I hope you consider this. Posted cause I hope you'll read it.
  8. SleepLess

    SleepLess Member

    1. -hideroll/-showroll: Adding a command to hide messages from -roll or -rickroll. Sometimes, kids like to be very annoying by abusing these features.

    2. If a mate shares his bottle with you and you place it on a specific slot in your inventory, it will always return to the first unused slot once you used it. I would really like this to be changed in order to add more flexibility in serious games (exchanging your empty bottle with your team mate's full one, f.e.) without worrying much about which inventory-hotkey to use while being chased.

    3. Sometimes, if you order your crow to deliver an item and immediately return to home afterwards, it will approach you and fly back without giving you the item. I think the hero's movement is related to this 'bug'. It would still be great to see it being fixed soon. :)

    /edit: Agree with Textbook. The old bottle icon showed much better how many charges were left.
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  9. Textbook

    Textbook Well-Known Member

    Invoker Reagents giving stat buffs is pretty much it.

    And TBH I liked bottle's old icon better. But thats just me
  10. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    1. Doom's Scorched earth deals damage to towers (suggested at DA by me)
    2. Weaver's orb works on towers (suggested at DA by me)
    3. Put a release date on a Loading screen like this (suggested at DA by me):
  11. qlq

    qlq Well-Known Member

    1. A small buff to Bristle's Quill Spray damage
    2. Channel time for Unstable concoction from 2/3/4/5 sec to 1/1.75/2.25/3 sec
    3. Complete Sniper remake

    That is all :)
  12. DirtyEpic

    DirtyEpic Well-Known Member

    1: Icon change for Wraith Band Seriously.
    2: Change the NAME and story for LINA INVERSE.I mean, her name is taken from an Anime Serie. Nothing related to dota, nothing related to warcraft, nothing related to nothing. Shame on you ice!
    3: Davion Knight on the Sentinels Side and Tiny on Neutral side. i think they fit better that way.

    Waddaya think froggy?
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  13. Ramodkk

    Ramodkk Well-Known Member

    Buff Rexxar's base damage a bit.
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  14. DirtyEpic

    DirtyEpic Well-Known Member

    Good suggs!
  15. Vindicate

    Vindicate Well-Known Member

    1) Dust and Nerubian Weaver's Time Lapse
    --> when u dust, and then he Time Lapses, u don't see him right now, very frustrating
    --> make it so that we don't need to dust twice to see weaver if he lapses!
    2) Aggy on Tree and Enig
    3) Level 2 recipe on Aggy
  16. LeraX

    LeraX Well-Known Member

    1. cd on Quelling Blade (more)
    2.40% damage on Illusions from Manta
    3.add void stone to Goblin Laboratory
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  17. Zejety

    Zejety Well-Known Member

    1.) Victory animations for Sentinel creeps (*cough* DA suggestions :p)
    2.) Shorter commands for -random intelligence/strength/agility. A possibility: -randoma, -randomi, randoms
    3.) to come

    Nothing on my mind right now^^
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  18. iceblast_01

    iceblast_01 Well-Known Member

    1.put special effects on all heroes with aganims
    2.effects when blademail is activated
    3.effects when phaseboots is activated
    4.put other cool effects

    i just love cosmetics on this game
  19. d_so

    d_so Well-Known Member

    buff silencer

    make last word non cancellable
    give him back three hundred ms
    make scepter give glaive 5 percent increase of intel used
  20. Gavrisimo

    Gavrisimo Active Member

    1) crobelus ulti not to heal her after ulti is gone... i mean it is already imba... :)
    2) bigger cd on necro death pulse. something like 12/11/10/9... or leave cd and make dmg/heal smaller for like 30-40%
    3) rework axe's battle hunger so it has more sinergy with other spells. maybe like you have to attack axe 1/2/3/4 times in order to lose that buff. that way i am sure more players will use this spell from start and not on 22/23/24/25 lvl