[Other] Quick (maybe) question on Linken's Sphere

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Sasho1233, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I am asking about DotA viability, so consider the amount of work needed in DotA.

    Basically my idea is that we can easily implement Spell Reflection for certain spells. Mainly for the spells that are disabled by the Sphere currently. From what I know there is a list with the spells that are disabled, which makes the job for doing this a lot less. I haven't looked at the code and quite frankly I can't read dump code. The only thing that needs to be known is whether ladder skills are on that list (meaning Linken's Spell Block is completely triggered) or is a combination of both a ladder aspect of Spell Block from the ladder skill and a triggered part to stop the effects of triggered skills. If it's triggered then it would require even less work.

    With that said we already have Rubick, who in his code detects what skills are casted by the hero. We exclude the AoE skills and the ones without a target and combine those aspects for Linken's. I think it should work but I am not that good of a coder. Any problems with the idea?
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    Problem is ordering a dummy unit to cast the spell. Rubick's spell steal only adds the ability to rubick which is easy but the order id of the spell can't be detected. So you would have to store the orders of each spell somewhere and look it up everytime you need to reflect a spell.
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    You mean "Mountain King - Storm Bolt" kind of things right?

    I can't test it because I don't have Warcraft, but wouldn't putting the same order I.D to all skills fix this problem. Or did it make units have trouble casting because it would confuse skills?
    And to be honest most of the work is already done and this is not out of reach, even considering how lazy IceFrog is.
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    You nailed it.

    Aside from that, your idea is that only single target spells get reflected? What about e.g. shackle/dismember/fiend's grip/flaming lasso? Unstable concoction? Life Break? Nether Strike? Charge of Darkness? Lifedrain? Swap? Manadrain? Reality Rift? Burrowstrike? Any arrow ability? Phantom Strike? Blink Strike? Sunder? Static Link? Soul assumption? Snowball? Double Edge? Duel? Omnislash? Focus Fire? And most importantly: Spell steal?

    Minor things: Brain Sap? Grave Chill? Ion Shell? Fatal Bonds? Assassinate? Replicate?

    Point is, about a quarter of all single target spells wouldn't make sense to be reflected.
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  5. Sasho1233

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    Maybe they wouldn't. I am looking for a way to introduce the idea because the concept is not bad. Right now balance is not my primary concern. If a good way to feasibly implement this in the map is given I will think of the skills that should be used and balance. There's no need to at this point.
    And we can just remove skills that make no sense from the list.