[Night Stalker] Quick and Easy Balanar Guide

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  1. Hello all of you players hungry for a good DotA guide. Today, I'll try to explain everything about Night Stalker; The mother of all gankers
    So let's not waste any more time talking, and let's get right to

    The Table of Contents:
    1.Hero intro
    3.Skill build
    5.Some tips for faster ganking

    1.HERO INTRO:​
    You had better try to take advantage of the daylight while you can since come nightfall, you will have a powerful and adept hunter on the prowl. Balanar's passive Hunter in the Night increases his movespeed and attackspeed at night making him a feared ganker and chaser. His Void spell damages the target and slows them to a crawl allowing Balanar and his allies to deal great amounts of damage when cast during nighttime. Crippling fear is a powerful weapon against spellcasters and fighters alike as it both silences and causes a large chance of missing on physical attacks for its duration. Balanar's ultimate "Darkness" allows him to instantly transform day into night (or prolong the night), providing for the fullest effect of his other spells. However, nobody fears the Nightstalker during the day...

    2. SKILLS:​
    1. VOID - Creates a damaging void. If cast at night, slows the target for 4 seconds. If cast at day, slows the target for 2 seconds.
    2. CRIPPLING FEAR - In the night, the Night Stalker can cause intense fear in enemy units, causing them to miss attacks and be unable to cast spells. This has reduced effect during the day.
    3. HUNTER IN THE NIGHT - The Night Stalker is at home at night. He attacks and moves more swiftly.
    4. DARKNESS - Creates a period of darkness for the Night Stalker to thrive in.

    3. SKILL BUILD:​
    1- Void
    2 - Crippling Fear
    3 - Void
    4 - Hunter in the Night
    5 - Void
    6 - Hunter in the Night
    7 - Void
    8 - Hunter in the Night
    9 - Hunter in the Night
    10 - Darkness
    11 - Darkness
    12 - Crippling Fear
    13 - Crippling Fear
    14 - Crippling Fear
    15 - Stats
    16 - Darkness
    17-25 - Stats

    This build is one of the most popular night stalker builds; It will give you a nice supporter spells at day, and at level 4, when the night falls, you'll earn Hunter in the Night and then you can start ganking. And also, don't go with Darkness until you maxed your Hunter in the Night.

    4. ITEMS:​
    -Starting Items:
    1. Trango
    2. Healing Slave
    3. Gauntlets of Strengh
    4. Gauntlets of Strengh
    5. Ironwood Brench
    6. Ironwood Brench
    -Early Game:
    1. Ironwood Brench
    2. Ironwood Brench
    3. Bottle
    4. Urn of Shadows
    5. Phase Boots
    -Mid Game:
    1. Bottle
    2. Urn of Shadows
    3. Phase Boots
    4. Black King's Bar
    5. Skull Basher
    6. Helm of the Dominator
    -Late Game:
    1. Bottle
    2. Urn of Shadows
    3. Phase Boots
    4. Black King's Bar
    5. Skull Basher
    6. Helm of the Dominator
    At the late game, you should go with same items as in mid game.

    TIP 1: No matter what youre doing, when it's night, get your ass out there and gank.

    TIP 2: If you want to help a friend to get a kill, use your speed boost at night(Hunter in the Night) to block the enemies path as much as passable.

    TIP 3: When you're team fighting, use your Crippling Fear on casters; 8 seconds silence is one thing that can make or brake team fights.

    TIP 4: If you get on hard core right clicker, Use your Void, it slows attack speed by 35%.

    TIP 5: Some friends you should always be near with; the ones who can slow and deal a nice amount of damage, and help you kill enemies faster:
    -Crystal Maiden
    TIP 6: Some enemies you should stay away from; the ones You simply, can't do nothing to:
    -Nature's Prophet
    -Demon Witch
    and of course, Beastmaster.
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    This is an awful guide for a few reasons.

    1- No Aghs. It's his first item after Urn and Treads, no matter what. The mana boost is invaluable, and the vision is absolutely gamebreaking.

    2- No advice on when to use Darkness. You spam it on every cooldown during the night, because it extends the length of it. It's completely possible for NS to alter the overall times to 2/3 or even 3/4 night over the game's length.

    2.5- Following on from 2, you skip Darkness at 6. It is vital you level that as early as possible, because if you get it when the first night starts, you have an extra 50s to that all-important first night.

    3- "Avoid Lion and Nature's Prophet". You can tear these heroes new assholes very easily with your silence, or just a Quelling in Prophet's case.