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  1. abbend1s

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    may be offtopic but just couldn't find where to post it.
    i'm very disapointed in new dota2 matchmaking system,1min que but me and most of my friends stoped playing coz of getting too lowskilled players in my team or opposite. most of skilled players can wait 15-30min que but get equal enemy and teammates.so can it be fixed somehow?
  2. Foede

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    Any feedback regarding only Dota 2, such as the MM system, must be posted in the developers forum, located here.
  3. Dashbog85

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    i want better key customization for invoker. i think dota2 is easily capable of binding any key to any invoker spell. i'm happy with QWER for q,w,e and invoke. but in addition i used to have customized keys for each invoked spell spells. i played invoker for years like that. so cmon volvo its just a minor change. many would appreciate
  4. Foede

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    Any feedback regarding only Dota 2 must be posted in the developers forum, located here.
  5. KevinJonPalma11

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    This forum is quite dead. Is there a better place to place suggestions?
  6. kurojashi

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    Im just curious if the double click selfcast will be able for quickcast too since its unable to double click with that mode.

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  7. keepitmovin

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    Im just curious how many more month d1 community (at least 20k+ online players, iccup.com) have to wait before u renew version of "dota all-stars" (wc3) , when already there is a new version in dota2?

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  8. _slapjack

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    Why is there not a cap on the number of couriers you can buy?

    One per player, perhaps

    this way, killing the courier is more valuable and players cannot spam buy the courier and feed them to the other team.
  9. matrice

    matrice Well-Known Member

    I can see many reason why 3 to 5 couriers are legit on one single person.
  10. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    agreed. to show those idiots whose the bo$$ imma right? 3 couriers to send down middle and 1 for each sidelane.

    also elegiggle 4head.

    or maybe a neext leve distraction tactic in a baserace. when you buyback to boots and travel into the enemy throne you drop 5 couriers and run around your own throne in the hope that the enemy carry cant resist the temptation to wack them
  11. matrice

    matrice Well-Known Member

    Or i simply put fucking power tread on chicken arround the map, so i don't fight with those ridiculously weak travel ?

    that's 3

    add one with necrom/refresh /w/e you bought.

    You are so stupid if you think that putting a chicken limitation will solve anything. If they want to ruin, they can also give rapier to enemy, gem, ward and so on. Even worst, they can follow you and deny you from getting anyfarm.

    So mb, stop being a douchebag, so you'll encouter less of them?
  12. Overpowerade

    Overpowerade Well-Known Member

    Why not sell Treads and store another butterfly/skadi/heart in the cour?
  13. matrice

    matrice Well-Known Member

    So you get kitted in everyfight cause you run slower than techies ?

    Tb lost 20 ms and he went from able to solo kill to not being able at all to solo kill.

    Tread is much more than that