Pulling is harder now ???

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Snakesneaks, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Snakesneaks

    Snakesneaks Well-Known Member

    Does anyone notice that creep pulling is harder now ? I dont know when it is implemented, but now I feel the pulling isn't as easy as it used to be.
    Especially :
    Radiant : big camp to T1 mid
    Dire : small camp to T2 top and big camp to T1 top
  2. KarmicKatri

    KarmicKatri Well-Known Member

    Yes I noticed this also. Dire Top lane is MUCH harder to pull the spawn closest to enemy top tower. (DotA 2)
  3. DrFrank

    DrFrank Banned

    Its always been the same for me, to be honest, I didn't notice any change.
  4. KitsuneSefam

    KitsuneSefam Well-Known Member

    Not sure how to comment on this one.

    Back in the DotA 1 days, pulling was a lot harder due to fog of war issues.

    That f...... tree on that mid camp bottom lane sentinel side.
  5. zwegat85

    zwegat85 Well-Known Member

    It's now as hard as in Dota 1 again and doesn't pull anymore if you are 3 seconds too early.
  6. KarmicKatri

    KarmicKatri Well-Known Member

    Well I think the only time you notice is with the unconventional pulls. I know for a fact the pull times changed flat out. I used to pull at 22 and 52 seconds after each minute and that is no longer sufficient. I had to change my times so I know SOMETHING changed. Only the unconventional pulls are hard now, some are not possible anymore. The traditional spawns are still super easy to pull you just have to know your times.
  7. insanenos

    insanenos Well-Known Member

    It has been changed with a recent patch. Now neutrals don't chase you as longer as they used to.
  8. GrynSun

    GrynSun Well-Known Member

    y many people hate that tree, which is why pretty much everyone destroys it with either qb or a tango, or u risk having half of your creeps run off, while half of them stay on lane.
  9. Snakesneaks

    Snakesneaks Well-Known Member

    I thnk the current Dota2 pulling is harder even than in Dota1. I dont remember how many times I fail with the pulling, something I have never experienced in Dota1.

    Exactly. For Radiant bottom T1 and dire top T1 it is still easy, but for the rest it is close to impossible. I remember the time to pull is :
    Radiant big camp T2 mid : .59
    Dire small camp T2 top : .03
    Dire big camp T2 top : .51

    Now I fail with all the timing above.
  10. Redleader134

    Redleader134 Well-Known Member

    Damn, I thought it was just me failing to stack yesterday... Tried at x:50 which used to work before in Dota2 (it worked roughly from x:50 to x:53 before)
  11. KarmicKatri

    KarmicKatri Well-Known Member

    That tree should not exist, it is one of the reasons I consider Dire side stronger. Less prone to error with a better layout. (None of us are perfect)
  12. iSnooz

    iSnooz Well-Known Member

    Radiant big camp to mid T2 is always VERY hard in DotA
    Same goes to Dire easy camp to T2 top
    Dire hard camp to T1 top is impossible without massive tree cutting

    It's changed to be similar to DotA
  13. KarmicKatri

    KarmicKatri Well-Known Member

    You can still get it in a single tree cut, I used to be able to do it without cutting though.
  14. TheBoneZone

    TheBoneZone Well-Known Member

    creeps only follow for 6-7 seconds now I believe
  15. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    Omg now I can't freefarm in jungle with any hero from level 1 without jungling items while denying the whole creep lane what I gonna do now.
  16. KarmicKatri

    KarmicKatri Well-Known Member

    Simply a discussion, nobody is complaining the length you are right now.
  17. Snakesneaks

    Snakesneaks Well-Known Member

    Idiocy at its finest
  18. nryn

    nryn Well-Known Member

    i can still pull creeps on radiant side, w/o cutting trees.
    actually, i never cut those trees. i just need to get to the other side before i lose vision of the creeps so they keep following.
  19. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    If only pushing was harder too. Getting sicked of mass pushers.
  20. ParaDise.-

    ParaDise.- Well-Known Member

    Recents patches in Dota2 "nerfed" the aggro of creeps.