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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Mazoku, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    So, i usualy play pugna with the following item build:

    Core: SR+Bracer+Headress+Bots+gg branch+TP

    After this items pugna becomes a threat, capable of pushing towers or farm like a mad man. SR helps a lot in terms of leaving you mana pool at high levels and you hardly feel the degen.
    The most common extension for this item build is:

    Headress+gg branch---> Meka
    boots---> BOT
    Point boster somewhere in between.
    Bracer--> Jango

    After i finish those items i go for EUL (wich provides me with infinite amount of mana and an extre disable).

    Once eul is finished, agha is the only way to go as it improves your ult and hp pool by so much...

    Item build cost: 14.531

    With say 2 kills, 0 death, 6 towers down this can be completed by the ~35 min mark.
    Level 20 stats:
    1737 HP
    2048 MP
    457 MS / 500 ms with jango activated.

    I like this item build, i think it is not so ambicious.

    Yet i have a couple of problems:

    1) I find it hard to fit SR on my item build, specialy as the active hurts quite a bit when you got something like 800 HP early on. Bottle provides nowhere near the amount of mana SR provides, so i dont consider it a viable sustitute.

    Would you guys think it would be better if i fit a vit boster (for a laaate HOT) instead of SR and i went for a rushed EUL?

    2) I cant realy decide what item should i place in the 6º item slot. Many times i find myself completing this item build and the game is still draging on.
    The items i find worth of buying are:
    HOT, Guinso (mana not realy needed), Linkens, Bloodstone.
    Wich one do you think would fit better?
  2. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    SR is really bad

    Sobi mask items like Urn are very effective on him. I normally just run around with spare Sobi masks if I need significantly more regen.

    Furthermore your build is poor because you have a very versatile hero who is strong because he farms fast and can adjust to any particular game. By ramming one build down his thought you neuter one of the heroes most important attributes.

    Question 1:
    I just use extra sobi masks as a source of mana regen since you can normally cover HP regen between fights with life drain if you are healthy on mana regen.

    I make urn every game I play the hero because it helps him bulk up and gives mana regen. Additionally it allows for health regen if the game has a lot of action and the gold saved on regen builds up very quickly.

    Question 2:
    You should let the game dictate your item build instead of going for a standard set of 6 items.
  3. 1. dont get soul ring on pugna. its fucking retarded.
    2. Rush aghanims
    3. After that, support or disable items (meka, euls, guinsoo, etc).

    simple as that.
  4. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    I will give urn a try and get a Void stone (to get eul later on), seems to fit him perfectly. Those 115 HP urn provides are extremely valuable.

    And what about the 6º item?

    Any experience with BKB/HOT on a late game pugna?
  5. g1mme

    g1mme Well-Known Member

    Generally I rush aghanims and get lothars treads and if I can then sheepstick. I never worry about farm on him and mana early game I always go bottle. SR is kak coz of squishiness,
  6. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    I've used most items on him in long games. It just comes down to what you need to cover your weaknesses or capitalize on the opponents weaknesses.

    I've done 3 sobi's in lane and ended up selling one of them because I had to keep some stupid brood-mother down. For the dominance they can give you'd it's well worth a 160g investment if you need more mana.
  7. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    Used urn with some degree of succes. Not as much mana than with SR but the increase in survibability was noticiable.

    Guess ill get 6º slot depending on what the game requires.
  8. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    I tend to get early BKB most of the time
    Smth like PT Urn Wand BKB
    Meka, Eul, Sheep, Janggo, Aghs, Basi, Soulbooster/Bloodstone, Pipe, Necro, Skadi, Shiva, Manta, Dagon, EB, Force. Those are all other items you should consider as well.
  9. MissBlood

    MissBlood Well-Known Member

    Treads or Arcane -> Meka Or Urn. If i was going urn i might get a hood or an earlier aghanisms. quick pipe is also nice but a quick sheep is cooler :s
  10. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    BKB? Bitch please, it's all about 13 min Dagon with Decrepti-Blast. It's what we pubbers do.
  11. iLotus018

    iLotus018 Well-Known Member

    Why the BoT? There's no need imho. You will just steal farm from carries...better with treads with the HP and 2 TP scrolls.
  12. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    Pugna items! da Dagon! Decrepify, Netherblast, ZAP! Dagon! DEAD.
  13. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    Carry stealing farm from carries
  14. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    So I hear Pugna is some kind of carry. Hmmmmmmmmm
  15. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    You gain a nice amount of mobility and you gain one item slot (no need for tps). With 1 jango charge you get to 500 ms, wich makes it easier to run arround through a team fight.

    Pugna has no problems farming BOT up, and i think it is the best extension on him unless you decide to go all agresive from the start.


    About "stealing farm from the carries" well, if all 3 lanes+jungle (pugna can jungle quite efectively with some gear on him) are ocupied and pugna has nowhere to farm then your team is doing something wrong.
  16. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    Go troll yourself away moron
  17. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    You wish I was the moron instead of you.
  18. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    BOT is one of the most effective items if you are trying to carry a pub because it lets you get to the farm before the morons on your team.

    Unfortunately when morons employ this concept the reverse happens and you need to monetize the jungle.
  19. banjkan3

    banjkan3 Well-Known Member

    Pugna can carry his team and can get great use of and has ease farming big items. Don't worry about doing so. Funny thing to note is that he actually hits like a truck because of his huge int gain. Don't forget the value of his right-click in between spell-casts at all stages.
  20. darewin

    darewin Well-Known Member

    I just get bottle then treads. rush guinsoo if I am not having a hard time farming and then get heart. after that I get aghs. the rest is just luxury