Pugna Build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ark-eXodia, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    so what is the best item on him and his role?
    for me i build :
    early game build 3 bracer,magicstick and pt int,then pointbooster
    mid game : focused on aghanim.and some item like guinso or dagon etc.
    late game : i usually build (full geared)
    for bm is kinda optional if the enemy is hard carries like morted,void,,and etc.
    and i think skadi is the best orb effect.
    His role maybe as ganker,initialilizing the war,and also can become a deaddly killer +support on the team.
  2. Stwy

    Stwy Well-Known Member

    Soul ring is core imo as you'll never go back to base after lv 6 again and gives some cheap regen. Grab some nulls and you're all set.
    Dagon for it's great build up now is viable if you can get it fast, if not go force staff, aghanim or euls instead with the staff. This is usually all you farm up.
    After that it really depends on the flow of the game, guinsoo if needed, shiva for anti-carry and more aoe or dagon 5 for instagibbing carries, but you probably won't be getting this much anyways.
  3. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    no, soul ring is not core on any hero. It is very good on some but never core.

    Dagon 5 is just silly as it leaves you very fragile (+3 str).

    I dont see why dagon is more viable now than it was in 6.68 considering its more expensive now.

    a few nulls + soul ring + boots + wand leaves you 1 slot in your inventory which isnt that ideal.

    OT: if youre solo mid bottle is a great option, but apart from that mekanism is a great item to build considering his large natural int gain/ mana pool. Apart from that force staff can be a good tool to use to catch up to opponents or as an escape mechanism. If you get a bit of farm agahims is quite nice but really his build is quite flexible and is team/enemy dependant.
    Basilius is quite nice for its cheap armor.
    Dagon is a bit of a waste.
  4. Skaloon

    Skaloon Banned

  5. If you use ward properly no one will really care what your build is other than scepter.

    We know you are going some combo of GS, Scepter, Sheep, Shiva, Dagon, BoT, Necro3, heart, blademail, skadi with items like urn wand bottle rob nulls for early game. Woopty do.
  6. kingtipop

    kingtipop Well-Known Member

    3 Bracers wastes a lot of money, since you're just going to sell them later.
    Fix a few issues with pugna is easy:
    Low armour=Mech
    Add a hood/pipe he becomes very tank.

    Then go into your gunsoo/scepter.
    Pugna is a very powerful hero, and should be treated as one of the core heroes on the team. Therefore cs of 200+ in an average game is acceptable.
  7. darkmega

    darkmega Well-Known Member

    linkens + mek with urn if no one else gets it and 1 bracer and a wand makes him a monster if you play him right.
  8. JukeboxDragon

    JukeboxDragon Well-Known Member

    Mjollnir is the only item Pugna needs.
  9. McCannilbal

    McCannilbal Well-Known Member

    This would be my build
    I usually random so..
    Le Godly Magic Stick
    than get Wand
    than a lil Null :3
    Than AGHANIM
    than BoT
    Than Guinsoo
    Than Linken
    Than all the other int stuff u get.