[PUB] Eradar Shadow Demon Items?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by kresen, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. kresen

    kresen Member

    What do you think is a good core item for eradar?

    What I usually do with skills is max disruption and curse ASAP and get ult when available.

    I buy RoB and farm and harass if Im doing good I try to get void then follow up from there either get guinsoo or other int staff for damage.

    I tried using necronomicon and it works wonder too. easy to build with cheap items.

    What other items would be good synergy with his skills?
  2. bkn

    bkn Member

    Force Staff, which should give you more survivability and ganking methods. Also, a Dagon isn't bad (as it is not for every hero with +% damage like Pugna). Talkin' bout pubs ofc.
  3. kresen

    kresen Member

    I guess dagon would be good with eradars curse skill that makes you take more damage.
  4. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    just asking - what do you harass with? disruption? i find going 1 d,and then max poison more effective.
    Anyway RoB+urn+treads/arcane generally solves most many problems. then a obvlivison staff can be gotten if you need silence later and have some mana problems still. Ghost is nice and forcestaff is a good choice as well. I'd personally not reccomend dagon as curseis unreliable but it works okay. 400damage to 600 damage is obviously no joke.
  5. reignbow

    reignbow Well-Known Member

    Sometimes, the poison in lane allows me to farm an orchid from side shop, starting with the sobis.
  6. kresen

    kresen Member

    yep. either the enemy takes the damage or move out of lane and don't get any xp. it kinda breaks their momentum in laning specially early game. I try to cast it when a creep on our side is about to die to deny any xp from that.

    I prefer it over poison since it doesnt cost as much mana.