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    Hello and welcome! My name is Ján,( or in game Emboss if you like it :) Our University is currently

    working on psychological research aimed to players of different genres of video games, and we

    would like to ask you for your help. As you probably know, we need to gather as much data as

    possible, so we would like to ask you to participate on our research by filling up our questionnaire.

    You can find link to our questionnaire down below. Participating in this research is voluntary, All

    data is anonymous, confidential and will be used for research purposes only.

    *Thank you very much for your participation.
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  2. MWaser

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    Well somebody just copypasted some file without even trying to format it, so I'm guessing spambot. Nobody will even bother manually copying this link since the link is broken as well and you can't simply click it.
  3. DrFrank_

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    Your welcome :)
  4. Eutychius

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    The link works and it's an actual survey, actually. I fixed it in the OP for convenience.

    I can't tell if it's a spambot, but the link is definitely legit and doesn't pass any ads or whatever.

    OT: Did the survey OP, good luck.
  5. Beary

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    Taking this survey has negatively affected my psyche.

    "Možnosť 5"
  6. RisaStoleMyHart

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    Don't bother. All these psych research questionnaires that are posted in PD are likely just to fish for your information. Just like this one from a few months ago. Although the latter, there's a possibility that it's just dumb third-year students who probably ened up failing their lab report.

    OP's survey
    - doesn't state University
    - doesn't state purpose of survey, which is pretty standard unless your carrying out an experiment that manipulates the independent variable. But even then full debrief needs to be followed through after the experiment
    - uses Google docs, meaning you have to be signed in to fill it out. Muh anonymity
    - retarded questions, and 4 to 5 items per scale. Not even using Likert-Type Scale, and Big Five to measure personality if that was the intention

    I'm so happy i have $30,000+ in student loan so i can tell which psyc surveys are bad

    Also you posted the survey in /v/ lul.