Proteus, the Kraken Offspring [Sentinel, Int]

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    A quick note before I start: I was introduced to the Dota universe with Dota 2, so I've decided to forego the usual amenities of finding a WC3 model and skill icons. I would love to work with an artist to come up with some art, but I doubt there's a cephalopod WC3 model, anyway.

    Proteus, the Kraken Offspring

    Utility / Support

    As Maelrawn's tentacle was lopped off by Admiral Kunkka, she screamed in agony and, enraged, discarded the appendage to settle onto the barren sea floor. Forgotten as quickly as a replacement grew in, the flesh slowly decayed amongst the ocean detritus. Some spark coursed still through those veins though—an immense life force by any standard—and after many eons the limb erupted in a fit of growth; the beast called Proteus emerged from its preserved state. Knowing only its current form, Proteus was naturally curious how it came to be and so emerged from the quiet sea to find the source of its life force—on a journey to resummon its mother Maelrawn while destroying those who defile her waters along the way.

    A serpentine sea monster whose appearance out of the water is that of a vast nautilus, floating above the ground using its water jets for propulsion and its tentacles to strike. Attack animation is a curling tentacle backswing and then a stream of projectile water.

    Intelligence / Radiant
    500 Range
    2 Armor
    300 Movespeed

    STR 21 + 2.1
    AGI 16 + 1.3
    INT 19 + 2.7

    HYDROBLADE target point, pure damage
    • Proteus's waterjets serve as both propulsion and pain, able to deliver a laserlike blast of water that can cut through anything
    • Short range pure damage nuke that deals 90/140/190/240 damage to all enemies in a 450 length, 100 width line
    • Tapping hydroblade twice fires it in the direction Proteus is facing
    [ 10/8/6/4s ] [ 90/110/130/150 ]

    RAZORWIND no target
    • Sharp winds gust around Proteus as it absorbs massive quantities of life force, pushing enemies away and regenerating allies' health
    • Pushes enemies in a 550 radius 350 units in the direction Proteus is facing
    • Heals self and allies in range by 1/2/3/4% per enemy hero effected
    [ 16s ] [ 120/140/160/180 ]

    JET no target, instant cast
    • When Proteus feels threatened, it can direct the energy excreted from a spell to propel itself forward at high speed
    • Every time Proteus casts a spell, stores a charge that can be used to jet once, propelling itself 200/250/300/350 units forward and across terrain over a period of .1/.125/.15/.175 seconds (same speed as Force Staff)
    • Stores up to 4 charges indefinitely, displayed in the status bar and also visually as glowing charges on Proteus's main tentacles
    • Spell AoE effects follow Proteus, so jetting forward while casting hydroblade or razorwind will extend their area of effect
    [ 0s ] [ 1 charge ]

    RAREFACTION ultimate, toggle
    • Grown accustomed to life-threatening situations, Proteus can manipulate the nervous system's acute response to fear, allowing it and its allies to use defense mechanisms rapidly
    • Passively reduces Proteus's non-ultimate cooldowns by 25/50/75%, but can be activated to also affect allies in a 900 radius, placing a 15 second buff on them that can be separately applied to each of their spells once
    [ 30s ] [ 150/275/450 ]

    SUGGESTED ITEMS (my take on the Dota-2-esque suggested items)
    Tango, Salve, Mantle, Branches x3
    Bottle, Boots, Magic Wand, Null Talisman x2
    Arcane Boots, Bloodstone, Blink Dagger
    Eul's Scepter, Linken's Sphere, Shiva's Guard, BKB, Sheepstick, Pipe, Mekansm

    • v1.30: adjusted Rarefaction mechanics. Allied effect has been adjusted from 33% to 25/50/75%, cooldown from 65/35/5 to 30, and manacost from 120/240/360 to 150/275/450.
    • I have an extensive backlog of changes (20-30 previous iterations), but they're not formatted nicely for here on the forums. I'll keep track of all future changes here.

    I'm going to be brief and not mention any of the thinking that went into the hero—hopefully it speaks for itself—but please ask me to clarify anything as needed. Thanks for reading, cheers!
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    I'm posting to bump obviously, but I also want to ask if the reason no one has responded is because I chose to use plain text, rather than heavily formatting the text? I couldn't find a template anywhere and I personally prefer plain text, but I know that at least on this forum such formatting is the hallmark of a seasoned poster who has put a lot of time into their hero. I have put quite a lot of time into this hero, so please tell me if the lack of visuals is annoying any of you.
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    I read the description of your spell. They are well neat and self explanatory. However, I do have a concern in which they do not have any form of synergy and there is a lack of creativity. Something new please :)