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  1. Yriel_

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    I'll make a list which contain team and stream link of all pro players.

    I still miss Nemesis, then I'll update the post with all links.

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  2. NeutralCreeps

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  3. Yriel_

    Yriel_ Well-Known Member

    Okay, thanks.

    I don't know at all the competitive scene of DotA, so can you tell me the name of their teams ?

    Merlini (MYM)

    Chu (EZ)

    Dendi (Na`Vi)

    linklink (???)

    Wehsing (???)

    FearDarkness (???)

    Demon (???)

    Nemesis (???)

    Mania (???)

    PGG (???)

    ComeWithMe (???)

    Korok (???)

    syndereN (???)

    H4nn1 (???)
  4. Mizure

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    yesterday i clicked on a link there, and land in some fucking lol stream xD

    and btw. merlini looks a bit rusty, or thats only my imagination?
  5. Y-O-D-A

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    Why do most dota streamers use and not twitch/justin tv. Justin tv is WAY better than lame ass especially when it comes to the chat portion of it.
  6. Slarx

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    Looks like he is playing bad to me too.
  7. Lord_Talron

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    merlini is more of a legend for the little things he does that no one else does (like pulling the creeps at top to keep them away from the tower while radiant kills it)
    but yea hes a lil rusty
  8. StreamDota

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    I added the ones I know..

    Thanks for the support of my site! I can't force the people to only stream dota2, so if one is doing a different game, watch someone else! That's the whole point behind having all the streams in one big list!
  9. Yriel_

    Yriel_ Well-Known Member

    Thx dude :)

    Someone for the rest ? ^^

  10. FlyingSteaks

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    FearDarkness (

    ComeWithMe (

    Nemesis (???)

    linklink (NE.Pentia)

    PGG (M5)
  11. HoreyDavidson

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    Thanks a ton for this.
  12. Evermourn

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    Chu, Korok, and H4nn1 are more likely to be playing HoN on their streams than Dota2, just throwing that out there.
  13. Yriel_

    Yriel_ Well-Known Member

    Ok, I just need the team of Nemesis now, and I'll update the post.
  14. Zieth

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  15. StreamDota

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    Yea.. I can't really control what they stream, but I don't want to remove them entirely since they're so popular with both the Dota and HoN crowd.

    Luckily, the whole point of my site is to have all the streams on a single page, so if you don't like what one streamer is doing it's easy to switch!

    I moved them to the bottom of the 'competitive' list as a compromise.
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