Post your desktop thread :D

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by icehsm, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    Same, RivaTuner hates the fact that I have a dedicated and an onboard videocard.
  2. ButterOnStick

    ButterOnStick Well-Known Member

    This is where the magic happens:
  3. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    Damn I haven't owned a joystick since I've discovered my own...
  4. Greaves

    Greaves Well-Known Member

    You play Elite with that? Everytime i get back into that game i ponder about picking up a stick, but it never happens.
  5. ButterOnStick

    ButterOnStick Well-Known Member

    Naw, DCS from time to time and some IL2.
  6. SkyforgerXVIII

    SkyforgerXVIII Well-Known Member

    Odd. I never had this issue, be it a laptop or desktop. Does it just stop working or fails to work at all?
  7. vMudak

    vMudak Well-Known Member

    How can people live with such chaotic and unorganized desktops?

  8. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    It only recognizes the Intel card but not the Nvidia, not sure why.
  9. Saved

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  10. SzotyMAG~

    SzotyMAG~ Well-Known Member

  11. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    Nothing special but I did wanna show off my ultrawide display :p

    21:9 > 16:9