Post your desktop thread :D

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by icehsm, Jun 11, 2009.

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    ^ Judging by the vast ammount of crap and Avast + McAfee im assuming business or social studies student ? With the computer knowledge of my dead grandmother ?

    Sorry if i sound offensive but its going to be hilarious if im right even by 33%
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    oh god that could kill a person with OCD
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    lol about 75% correct :crazy:
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    Lemme guess, you save your porn as well.
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    cool clock, did you make it yourself? :cat:
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    Yeah, back in the '90s.

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    Genos and Saitama! COOL! :D
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    dat drink :p
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    Mine looks kind of messy but I've always liked desktops with high functionality (ie lots of icons)

    dualboot windows10/linux mint work/game station.

    My laptop is sometimes used as a second screen for browsing while playing.
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    /\holy shit what's Tw and how you got the cpu and gpu windows?
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    literally just googled windows cpu usage gadget and it showed up

    still, theres barely any point in monitoring the system health while on desktop
  17. Clock looks really great
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    for the graphics card, not so much altough it can take snapshots after I alt tab games so I can instantly tell if it's getting too hot.

    The cpu/ram check is visible when I'm running virtual machines
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    Why not just just use RivaTuner or equivalent?
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    It never worked for me for some reason