Post your desktop thread :D

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by icehsm, Jun 11, 2009.

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    messy and uncut
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    Since I know most people haven't heard of, let alone seen a windows phone, here's my homepage on my phone.

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    Quick question, your parents don't complain about your desktop full of NSFW stuffs?

    This question is intended for everyone who posts here

    My parents complain so much so I can't use the one I really want
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    Most people here don't live in their parents' basements
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    Honestly I had written about 3 paragraphs to that good sir in response but I don't think that would've done it justice.
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    I'm assuming all blocks & sizes are completely customizable?
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    Honestly, after you turn 18, even if you still live at home, your parents should slowly come to the realization that you're becoming an adult who makes their own decisions, and part of that is access to explicit material.

    Of course, non of this matters once you move out. After you're out of your parents house however, it's probably going to be your partner who's going to pester you about it, assuming you even care for it as much.

    Yes to an extent, there are three different sizes (small square, big square and rectangle) and you can also make folders that open up to have their own design structure. There are Apps out there that can further customize the icons and home screen, but I haven't used them so I'm not sure what the limitations are when it comes to heavy modding.

    honestly a screenshot doesn't do it justice. The UI is sleek and very functional, the problem with the phone is mostly due to lack of 3rd person party support.
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    muh peasants having icons on their dektop instead of using keyboard shortcuts.

    also meh windows why u guys using such crap OS?

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    what's the point of even having a desktop if you're not gonna fill it with icons?
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    Not everyone's a 1337 hax0r like you and actually needs an OS that is user friendly and won't require you to spend 30 minutes looking up how to install your mouse. If you're a programmer you'd actually understand this, which leads me to the conclusion that you're only using it because it gives you the title of cool nerd. Just my 2 cents.

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    I normally have my desktop icons hidden just because a wallpaper alone fits the room almost like a painting (Especially if you have a big monitor or using a TV set). The only reason I would unhide the icons is if I'm in need of some workspace to move things around and such.
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    There are linux distros that are actually quite easy to get into like ubuntu or mint(which I'm using) and I'm just a casual user that wanted to try something different and continued using it because I was more satisfied with it than with windows.

    IMO the only real reason why using windows is justified is if you're playing games that are not supported in linux but since I'm just playing Dota 2 which works almost flawlessly in linux I have no real reason to switch back to windows.

    Unfortunately the general impression of most people is that linux is something very hard for l33t users only while it isn't even close to that.
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    Instead of a long complicated response, ill just respond with a famous tech support line that goes, "Have you tried restarting your computer?"
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    Linux sure does some things way better but as you said games are a no-no. And if you're just a casual user or play only dota or league which are both supported on linux systems , then you're still better off with windows.

    Last time i used Linux i spent a day googling on how to make my graphics card work properly , it really is a hardship OS. Yesterday someone asked me to burn an iso file for example , i found the program i needed and it installed itself in seconds , messing with a linux command line is something you dont need to go through every day for trivial tasks such as these.

    Plus i think the GUI of these OSes is ugly as fuck and very few people know how to customize it.
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    because theres no desktop

    just unironically watching top memesports in 2015
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    taskbar hidden as per usual
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    I have this desktop.. sorry i dont know how to post pictures here in PD.
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    [ img ] Direct Link Here [ /img ]

    Neat desktop btw
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    Damn News ruined it.