Player skill ranking in DOTA 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by arizonawolf, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. arizonawolf

    arizonawolf New Member

    How does it work? I've only played HoN before with the PSR system. Does DOTA 2 have the same? I.e. the better you are, the better the players you play with, but you are also expected to play better?
  2. Acanthus

    Acanthus Well-Known Member

    It doesn't
  3. MyPartnarSux

    MyPartnarSux Well-Known Member

  4. Shibubu

    Shibubu Banned

    Don't listen to them trolls.
    The better your performance is - the harder your games become
  5. Nekros4442

    Nekros4442 Well-Known Member

    I'd say HoN's system works a bit better but it's obviously rediculously simpler. HoN works off the MMR/PSR which is similar/the same as the ELO system where your rating increases/decreases based on the rating of everyone in the game. Theres no other variables to consider and generally it works out somewhat well from what I remember when I played HoN a year ago. Valve is trying to make their own formula and I'd say they still got some work to do
  6. Zenethoric

    Zenethoric Well-Known Member

    Excuse me? Do you even play dota 2?
  7. Shibubu

    Shibubu Banned

    No, those 800 games were played by my clone.
  8. DaInc

    DaInc Well-Known Member

    Which just proved it doesn't work since you are supposed to be matched with equal teammates and equal opponents

    If it really worked,all matches from 1 to 9001 would be the same difficulty,since you also become a better player

    By the way ,the system works like that

    If W/L > 50 = match with retards ,and better enemies
    If W/L < 50 = match with better teammates,and retard enemies
  9. Footsoldier

    Footsoldier Well-Known Member

    System matches you with idiots
  10. AtheistGod

    AtheistGod Member

    It'd take a pretty impressive system that could match you up with the correct opponents after a single game and never screws up. Has Valve managed to perfectly calculate player skill from a single game?
  11. TheVirQ

    TheVirQ Well-Known Member

    Nope. If W/L < 50 = 60%matches with better teammates 40% matches with completely retarded teammates
  12. Shibubu

    Shibubu Banned

    Retarded or not, no system can determine what heroes the selected players are gonna use, what roles will they choose, how well will they be performing the following match (no one is showing consistent performance through the matches), will one team be straight out outpicked etc.
  13. teng)

    teng) Well-Known Member

    They force you to team with new players.

    This is how they keep new players in the game, "NOT GETTING OWNED EVERY GAME". DOTA is a very complex and unfriendly game, no new players will stay in the game after losing 20 game straight.

    Forcing 50% winrate is how volvo make them stay, who give a fuck about old players, you will play it anyway.
  14. Anish_ballack

    Anish_ballack Well-Known Member

  15. Cymen

    Cymen Moderator

    Follow the links below for more info on MM.
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