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    I still recieve a fair amount of messages regarding this in house group so I figured I should update this thread as officially inactive. I will also add that I will not be reviving this group at any point in the future.

    I no longer have the time required to successfully run a group such as this. I am also at a point in my life where I am required to move on from Dota. It was a very hard decision as I greatly enjoy this game.

    There are some good folk in the cesspool that is the dota community. Inhouse matches and tournaments were a blast with you fellow playdota forums goers.

    I wish you all good luck as well as Good Bye as I officially bring an end to my time with dota :(

    PlayDotA Group - |PDG2|

    How to join the group

    For now, just leave your steam profile link in a post below, I'll invite you as soon as I see it. Or you can add me as a friend on steam. I will assume all new friend requests are people interested in joining.

    You can join the channel PDG2 through the Dota 2 Chat Client to keep tabs on other members.

    Joining a game is quite simple : once you are in the Steam group, a pop up will appear on your Steam screen as soon as an inhouse is created. You simply have to open Dota 2, go to the PLAY tab, go to Find a Lobby and enter the password given in the pop up to see the game listed.

    This is a group for all players of any kind. I would like to get several in house lobby matches going a week. So don't be shy and join in on the fun.

    I hope this will be used for everyone to meet new friends and further their doto skillz.


    Youtube and Twitch

    Follow the groups activities on YouTube and Twitch


    RaidCall Channel

    Shamelessly hijacking the RaidCall channel from the dead playdota league. This is an optional feature that can be used for voice communication.

    Here's the link, click it to join.

    Long method:

    • Download Raidcall
    • Create account (possibly similar to Steam IGN)
    • Search for group ID 6650137
    • Join Group


    More Details

    To give a bit more details, this is whatever you want it to be. Need to settle an argument from the balance forum? Looking for people to try your amazingly new found combo? Want to set up some in house scrims to test each other? Need others to stack in MM? Whatever?!? This is the group for it.

    I will be setting up in house games several times a week personally. I typically play on US servers, but my ping in manageable on Euro servers as well (we typically find the best server for the group that is playing, or rotate each match to be fair otherwise). When I organize them, I like to play CM, Randomize the teams, and rotate the captains etc. It is all Flexible though.

    Don't let server location stop you from joining. PlayDota is has a global user base and so will this group.

    If you need help finding players or organizing something. Let me know and I will be willing to provide whatever help I can. I will be attempting to get to know each person that joins as far as who they are, what they play, and where they play.

    Remember this is for fun. So avoid flaming, trolling, and lets play some DOTO 2



    A PlayDota League guild was revived. We will be using this in combination with the Stream Group.

    Send me a message when your on for an invite.

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    Inhouse games !!!! moar DOTO
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    I laughed. Good image edit, I should say.

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    Best of luck to this group.

    Your logo is neat.
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    PD groups have never ever worked out.
  8. CynthiaCrescent

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    stop newfagging
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    a group of us already in house often enough. So even if only 1 person joins, it is already a success.

    plus there was enough interest in the old Dragonfist thread.
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    Sign me up
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    People join Quicker! so we can maybe even start a round tonight
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    We need wards
  15. localsingle

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    As a side note, the team on the left would win
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    We need bumbs
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    Good Luck Sir - (I'm already in)

    No In-Houses for me tonight though. I'm free all-day Tuesday, nights on Friday, and free Sunday evenings. Otherwise, it's just a few hours here and there after class.
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    I hate to be another naysayer but really? This again...?
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    You should join!

    It is merely to create a network of people for in house stuff.

    Any time you feel like trying to round people together, you know where to look.