Pit Lord

Discussion in 'Requests' started by IceFrog, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. IceFrog

    IceFrog Administrator

    Discuss what you like and dislike about the hero
  2. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    First, this is now a Spiderman thread.

    I love how fat he is, and his insane pushing powers.
    I hate how fat he is, and his insane pushing powers.

    Do I hear Phoenix and Pit Lord making their way into -CM?
  3. Hinten

    Hinten Well-Known Member

    The new rain of chaos is great, nice for getting tower, but his 3rd spell is just useless
  4. sijamaru

    sijamaru Well-Known Member

    Too much actives, too much aoes. AoE's are too static. Once he's out of spells he's useless. Stats are competely weak, at least make him a tanker of some sort if possible by giving him additional passives.
  5. xBeelzebub

    xBeelzebub Well-Known Member

    I like how well he synergizes with pushes
    I hate his spell effects, they confuse the shit out of me seeing them in game.
  6. Hinten

    Hinten Well-Known Member

    I agree completely, its difficult to make a good build for him
  7. Louie!

    Louie! Banned

    Hi IceFrog.
    I like his model. That is all.
  8. junz13

    junz13 Well-Known Member

    I hate the fact that he has to set up all three of his skills to actually dish out some damage in an AOE, also his Ultimate could use a rework, something that would provide more utility than an AOE teleport.
  9. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    Expulsion and Pit give nice synergy but it feels like his ultimate and Firestorm are out of place, portal being pretty situational. I think it should be more spammable.
  10. HTB

    HTB Well-Known Member

    IMO, Pit Lord is close to perfect
    only adjustment I would make is slightly buff the damage fire storm does to towers from 30% to 50%
  11. Secchan

    Secchan Competitive Staff

    One of the few best farmers in game ...
    Nuthing to be changed imo
  12. esqape

    esqape Banned

    I love his ability to destroy lanes/towers as well as his ultimate, but hate his slow movement speed, his slow attack speed and his uselessness without spells/mana. He is like a poor man's sand king
  13. DiesIrae

    DiesIrae Well-Known Member

    I don't really like the corpse mechanic, it limits his mobility.
  14. Stinkum

    Stinkum Well-Known Member

    I haven't really played him much, but I honestly feel like he feels clunky and I feel loke his abilities don't synchronize too well.
  15. Glacius91

    Glacius91 Banned


    I like: Expulsion.

    I dislike: That Expulsion needs nearby corpses, it makes this spell really useless when chasing enemies (which happens quite a lot).

    He currently just works for push - antipush and it's hell hard to decide what items to buy for him, because all in all, no matter what item I put on Pit Lord, I think I lost my gold.

    Maybe make Pit of Malice corpses follow Pit Lord? idk... I would also like to see Pit of Malice get a little more casting range.
  16. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    Free non-channeling TP for the whole team? No.
  17. Prolaktynka

    Prolaktynka Well-Known Member

    Instead of the disable generating corpses, perhaps add a meat wagon functionality to him, allowing several corpses to be stored for Expulsion? (think HoN's Balphagore, loved him the most!)

    Other than that I feel like he's lacking lategame even compared to the other casters.
    I usually just jump around with travels and necrobook counterwarding... unfun! :C
  18. Slarx

    Slarx Well-Known Member

    Perhaps his ultimate should work even if he dies.
  19. MurNa

    MurNa Well-Known Member

    replace first spell with something else, hes got a lot of aoe spells anyways
  20. Karrnath

    Karrnath Well-Known Member

    I like that he's fat, and i like he pushing potential.

    But i don't like he's ultimate.

    I think the corpse dependance is necessary to let his power stay at a push level.

    I don't like the dual-nerf that he had, channeling firestorm was unnecessary. Nerf expulsion was ok.