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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by CoMaNdO, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. CoMaNdO

    CoMaNdO Well-Known Member

    How can i check my ping in DOTA 2?

    No south american hosts is a big down btw.
  2. Scourged

    Scourged Banned

    type ping in console

    or net_graph 1
  3. abobrudda

    abobrudda Member

    ^ this
  4. CoMaNdO

    CoMaNdO Well-Known Member

    How can i open this console?

    I just typed -ping in the chatbox inside a private game and nothing happend.
  5. Whispiwi

    Whispiwi Active Member

    i want a SouthAmerican server.......We are always forgotten Q_Q
  6. WhatDaF

    WhatDaF Well-Known Member

    Library->Dota 2->Properties->Launch Options and type -console in the box, then save.
  7. CoMaNdO

    CoMaNdO Well-Known Member

    145ms to 180 ms in US EAST servers.

    For someone that is used to a 0ms being host on Bnet thats pretty huge.

    It´s a shame Valve is going the same way S2 Games and Riot Games did for us. That really compromise the experience.

    ALL_CAPS_GUY Well-Known Member

  9. Scourged

    Scourged Banned

    I remember reading in the dev forums that once Dota 2 is officially out, there will be world wide servers
  10. karadoc

    karadoc Well-Known Member

    What does "world wide servers" mean? There are already severs in many different parts of the world; and it is obvious that there will never be servers everywhere. So it's it just empty rhetoric?
  11. CoMaNdO

    CoMaNdO Well-Known Member

    It´s hard to do that. A game where Last Hit and Deny are essential, high pings can really screw the experience.

    When running away from a gank, that one more footstep made by your hero in the wrong direction can make the difference.