Philosophers' Stone

Discussion in 'Item Ideas' started by Name Rater, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Name Rater

    Name Rater Well-Known Member

    an item that can affect towers.
    hope to see this item on dota 6.75 soon.
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  2. juleocesar

    juleocesar Well-Known Member

    700 damage or heal is a kinda too high huh? But, how the item works?: It has a tower aura and an active ability to deal damage or heal? If it works in this way, where's the cooldown and manacost?

    I hope that the next ICC theme shouldn't be item for tower because I don't have any idea in mind lololol.
  3. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    did you take this name from terraria?
  4. juleocesar

    juleocesar Well-Known Member

    The name of this suggestion is not only from Terraria. There are many rpg's that use this...
  5. Subotai

    Subotai Well-Known Member

    that's an actual myth...
    transforming lead into gold is its main use, I am not sure about the life elixir it can create.
  6. Exhibitionist

    Exhibitionist Well-Known Member

    Very nice icon. I like this ugly one.
    But 700 is too much. Make it better a regen booster to leave a chance to deny.
  7. iGhOsT.East

    iGhOsT.East Well-Known Member

    Lower the damage a lot... but honestly it would be rushed by a lot of people just so they could get the last hit on towers, Furions especially. Maybe make it a heal item only, or make the damage amount only half or a third of the heal amount.
  8. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    This is a consumable, right?

    Actually, i dont care, it's ridiculus either way.

    All youu need is 2-3 of this item on your team and you have guaranteed tower done. This is particularly significant against turtle taems imo, where if you blitz their tower in a few seconds, they cant 'heal' it.
  9. iGhOsT.East

    iGhOsT.East Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't absolutely hate an item that emits an aura that damages enemy towers in the AOE by 1-2 a second and heals the same amount for a friendly tower. It could be balanced knowing a hero will be sitting idle somewhere sticking his thumb up his ass trying to heal a tower. This way it can't stack also. It'd give Techies something else to do.
  10. Senyu

    Senyu Well-Known Member

    man....trent is going to love this item. Make defensive playing even more viable
  11. Name Rater

    Name Rater Well-Known Member

    oh..sorry I forgot to put the mana cost..

    OK, thanks for reminding

    OK, I'll do it.

  12. deathkidkun

    deathkidkun Well-Known Member

    700? That's riddikulus! Honestly, even skills that affect towers can only deal very little. Heal towers as well? Maybe you should do something else apart from healing and damaging towers, the whole concept seems OP for me.
  13. Name Rater

    Name Rater Well-Known Member

  14. Name Rater

    Name Rater Well-Known Member

    What do you think if I put levels to this item?
    like dagon?
    Buy recipe to upgrade (3 levels)
  15. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    Add over time damage instead of full dmg instant - for example - duration = 10 seconds dmg\heal per second = 45, and it will be like buff on tower, which can not stack with another stone

    and how about this icon: [​IMG]
  16. Name Rater

    Name Rater Well-Known Member

    OK, I'll try

    the icon you gave is good but I won't change mine. current is better
  17. Mimesis

    Mimesis Well-Known Member

  18. krahyan1

    krahyan1 Active Member

    Great item, very nice and helpful. she just does not accumulate with others of the team.
  19. Name Rater

    Name Rater Well-Known Member


    I understand you but
    please show the reason
  20. MassBalance

    MassBalance Well-Known Member

    try about 25 instead of 50 and it will be more balanced.