Philippines VS China: Conquering Spratlys

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  1. evoldnasessik

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    who has the right on spratlys, Philippines or China?
    This is insane! China claims that chain of islands that is more than 800 km away from their mainland while it is closest from the Philippine mainland which is about 300 km apart. Where's the territorial rights anyway?
  2. Yuki N ...

    Yuki N ... Well-Known Member

    China can claim jurisdiction because it's in the range of the South China Sea. When Japan had some kind of treaty with China, Japan also turned over the Spratlys Islands. Naturally, China assumed ownership.

    However, we can also claim it since we were the first to inhabit the islands. If it weren't for Former President Marcos, we wouldn't have any argument and leverage in the debate for the ownership of the Spratlys.

    We also have a claim to Hong Kong, Sabah, and I forgot the other one.
  3. Nicolback

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    I really think that the Philippine government just give the Spratlys to China. It has a lot of disadvantages for us if the government keeps on holding the right.

    First of all, increasing tensions between the two countries over the ownership of the islands escalated to routine patrols by each country's navy. What do the Philippines have against China? The difference in military power is big. China is more like a superpower, and the Philippines are going to get squished like bugs.

    Second, even if the Philippines got the islands, they won't have the fund to mine for the precious resources around the islands.
  4. jamaca

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    they should split this up like antarctica or the moon, first come first serve
  5. 777.TenJiRen

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    But according to law, to whomever the island is closest to, they win.
  6. Yuki N ...

    Yuki N ... Well-Known Member

    Hahh. I would like the Philippines to have their own oil that's why I'm rooting for them. China, you're already an economic dragon, please leave these islands alone :(
  7. Sultry Nun

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    China so ruthless, i like it
  8. Ultra_Rasengan

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    Its China vs Philippines/Vietnam/Indonesia/Malaysia or whole southeast asia (except north korea) though spratly island is a shared island, China should not claim ownership, South China Sea is not an international sea cause its not declared so we called it Philippine West Sea or West Philippine Sea intake part of china's ownership, they may think the WHOLE South China Sea or PWS/WPS is theirs...
  9. Adun

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    Oh wait, I don't play CoC Generals anymore.
  10. Clear

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    Lets just settle this down to playing DotA. Whoever wins claims the spratlys, or the Philippines could just give the spratlys to China. :)
  11. PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1

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    It's an area with islands owned by nations not just China and the Philippines but also Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Brunei and ownership of such islands is not about being who is closer to which as being of close proximity from a territory is not enough reason to claim it. See how scattered the ownership of the islands are, with some Chinese, Taiwanese, and Philippine islands being surrounded by Vietnamese ones.


    It shouldn't be a matter of "Who owns the Spratly, China or Philippines" since there are even more countries that own islands in the area and neither country involved in the issue even have a dominating number (although having more islands in the area can't be used as a reason either).
  12. SugaSutA

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    ... That end would be quite obvious =_=

    OT: I don't really see why china is claiming that much territory, despite being a chinese and this coming from a guy in PRC, I don't see how the islands belong to them.

    Nevertheless, if the government there wants it, there's no way Philippines can fight back, and China is PROBABLY going to get it ultimately.
  13. Louie!

    Louie! Banned

    ^they see the contested islands as oil-rich
  14. PsychViruz

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    Yes, PH cannot be compared to China in terms of military power. But of course, we're not espousing for war. PH just asserts their claim.
    The treaty is what everybody should know and follow.

    Also, it's not the whole Spratly's Islands PH is claiming. It's just the Kalayaan Group of Islands (Freedom Islands) which is just a part of the whole they're claiming which is I believed China is starting to "conquer".

    PH is gradually losing its territories. First was Las Palmas now Indonesian Miangas, and also North Borneo now Malaysian Sabah.

    I hope PH is still the 2nd largest archipelago in the whole world whatever the results of this issue. lol
  15. Asian_Boy

    Asian_Boy Well-Known Member

    Philippines , coz that island is one of the responsibility of PH

    IMO , China is selfish.